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Why buy Group Travel Insurance with the Thaiger?

Comparing and selecting a travel insurance package can be confusing, but the Thaiger makes it simple and smooth. We’ll create a customized insurance package, whether you’re flying close to home or halfway around the world. Allow us to take care of all the processes while you sit back and enjoy.

What is Group Travel Insurance

As its name already explains, Group Travel Insurance is a type of travel insurance that covers a group of people travelling together. It usually covers a minimum of 5 people, so you and your group don’t have to worry about getting individual travel insurance. The group can consist of anyone, and the purpose of travel can be anything as long as you’re travelling together, whether you are having a fantastic holiday with your friends, travelling for a wedding with your family, or going on a business trip with your colleagues.

In many cases, having travel insurance for the whole group rather than everyone getting their own policy can save you money and time. It’s hassle-free and easy since all your members are covered in a single payment and policy. You can travel together with peace of mind, knowing that everybody in your group is protected.

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How to Check Group Travel Insurance Premiums?

To find the best group travel insurance rates, follow the steps outlined below to match and understand exactly what product and coverages you will be needing.

Select the policy

Choose the policy that matches what you need and has enough coverage.

Specify the number

Set the number or width of coverage that fit what you want, whether individual, couple, family, or base on a number of your group.

State your Departure Dates

Make you have notified your travel schedule to the providers and have set the date of start and finish your coverage.

Group Information

Provide basic information about people who will get the coverage.

Health condition

Give details about your health and whether or not you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

What are the main coverages of Group Travel Insurance?

Just like any other travelling insurance, group travel insurance will give you the basic coverages. Here is a list of the main coverages that group travel insurance has to offer. Specific add-ons will also be available to purchase depending on what the providers offer.

Medical Cover

If you or one of your group members get injured or ill during your trip, medical cover can help you with the hospital bills. This cover enables your group to focus on getting better instead of worrying about the costs. Without group travel insurance, all the group member are most likely have face costly medical bills from your own pockets.

Emergency Assistance Cover

Unexpected crisis are more common than you realized. With group travel insurance, All of the group members will be provided with 24 hours of assistance, no matter where you are in the world. The assistance includes expert help if you need medical assistance, medical evacuation, travel document replacement, legal assistance, emergency cash transfer, and many more.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Cover

You and your group may plan your trip many months in advance, but that doesn’t mean that the situations can change before your departure date. With group travel insurance, your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs can be reimbursed in full, if you become sick, injured, weather halts or any other unexpected situations.

Flight Delays Covers

Flight delays is not only frustrating but also waste your time and your budget. Group travel insurance can reimburse your group for additional meals, accommodation, and other travel expenses due to departure delays.

Loss of Belongings and Baggage Cover

If your luggage or your belongings gets lost within the trip, group travel insurance will reimburse you for reasonable additional purchases of essential items during your trip.

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Customer Reviews


It was really my last-minute decision to take travel insurance, I made the inquiry with the Thaiger. And I received a call back within a day or two; the service is fantastic, and the rates were a lot cheaper than what I was expecting.

Penny Javela


Very easy process, I appreciate all of the FAQs that answer a lot of my questions, will be waiting on a representative to call back and give me more information. Thank You Thaiger Team.

Mark Sparman


Obtaining group travel insurance was quick, easy and painless, although it’s just to inquire I hope they do receive my application, as my family and I are planning a vacation to Thailand.

Bank Januraiwan


I am in the process of purchasing a new policy from thethaiger to replace my old travelling insurance.

Jacob Brown


I was very pleased with the phone call I got from an insurer, I had loads of questions for them regarding group travel insurance, I hope as long as I make the payment and give the necessary documents the insurance will get approved.

Henry Tokley


Travel insurance is important especially in the times of covid-19 where any unexpected can happen, and I believe that this company is the best choice because it offers several options for each type of trips.

Harry Tokley

Types of Travel Insurance

There are numerous travel insurance plans. However, the main types are divided into two groups based on your travels’ frequency and where you are going: single trip or annual and international or domestic.

Going for a one-off holiday with your best friends? Need to go on a business trip with your colleague? Single Trip Group Travel Insurance may be the ideal type for you.

Single Trip Group Travel Insurance covers you for one trip only, usually for a duration of up to three months. This means that as soon as your trip ends and you travel back home, the insurance will expire. This type of group travel insurance is perfect if you’re not planning to travel together with your group more than once a year.

Key Points:

  • May work out cheaper if you don’t plan to travel together with your group more than once a year.
  • Have different levels of coverage that you can choose according to you and your group’s needs.
  • Can have a higher maximum age than other types of group travel insurance.
  • Specific cover for your trip, whether you are going on a tropical holiday or for winter sports, you can design it to cover your particular purpose of travel.

Multi-trip, or annual, group travel insurance will cover you and your group to travel for an entire year. It allows you to travel as many time a year as you like. However, there will be a limit on the number of days covered for each trip you and your group take. In many cases, you are only covered for 30 days for each trip.

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy more than two trips a year with the same group, this group insurance type is the best choice for you. You don’t need to purchase a new policy every time you want to travel with your group, saving you lots of time, money, and energy.

Key Points:

  • Cheaper and more practical for those who plan to travel more than once a year with the same group, as you only need to pay once a year.
  • Travel as much as you want in a year.
  • Cover you and your group for a limited period of each trip.
  • You can renew the policy easily.

Domestic travel insurance is the best choice if you’re planning to travel to another area inside the country, whether you are travelling to another city for a business with your colleague or just want to check everything the country offers.

Domestic Travel Insurance ensure that you are covered while travelling within the country, making your trip more delightful and worry-free.

Key Points:

  • The best choice if you plan to travel inside the country.
  • It can be a single trip or a multi-trip.
  • Comprehensive coverage for whatever you want to do inside the country.

Planning to travel abroad? Then International Group Travel Insurance is the plan for you. With this type of group travel insurance, you will be covered from any financial losses and risks that may happen while travelling overseas with your group.

International Group Travel Insurance has different coverage depending on where in the world you’re travelling to, whether it is Asia, the Schengen Area, Africa, North America, or worldwide.

Key Points:

  • The best option for those travelling overseas.
  • It can be made specific to where in the world you’re travelling to.
  • It can be a single-rip or multi-trip.

Protect everyone in your group and have peace of mind when travelling.

It was a lot of work and stress to find group travel insurance in Thailand, luckily, I found the Thaiger where they have brought the market to the customers. They helped me choose and find the best group travel insurance for my group. Everything was hassle-free, and my workload was reduced to almost nothing.

Top tip: Find out what type of cover your group needs before purchasing, and tailor your group travel insurance to meet those needs.

Important things to keep in mind before buying Group Travel Insurance

Budget set – While you and members may already have a favourite destination in mind, consider looking into additional travel insurance options that would fit into your group’s budget and tour plans. There is a range of comparison services that will provide you with customized travel cheaper insurance for larger groups. if anything goes wrong on your trip, it will be taken care of.

Planning – This is not something that will go over well with everyone in the group, especially the youngest members. A meeting with a pre-planned program focusing on travel insurance and other essential things will certainly help you in putting your vacation plans in motion. In the group, how many minors and seniors are there? Who will be behind the wheel? Is there anybody in the party who has a medical condition? What are the shortlisted destinations? These are only a few of the important questions you can ask yourself and others when deciding on travel plans.

Research for options – Travelling with a large group has a lot of components, so snags and glitches are destined to occur. Travel insurance is certainly worth considering because it will come in and protect you if your vacation plans change. The must-have coverages provide financial coverage in the circumstance of travel cancellation, emergency medical treatment, and cashless hospitalization. The larger the group may be more difficult for plan selection.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Group Travel Insurance with The Thaiger

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Group Travel Insurance

Before you purchase group travel insurance, you need to consider the factors below to ensure that you are fully protected during your trip.

Extreme Sports

Most group travel insurance will not cover losses due to extreme sports. Therefore, if you love doing extreme sports on holiday, you need additional extreme sports coverage. It will cover you from any injury when you take part in extreme sports while you’re travelling.

Pre-existing Medical Condition

Make sure to declare any medical conditions you or any member in your group already have before you purchase group travel insurance. Some insurers will cover you for it if you tell them beforehand. Others may require you to buy additional coverage for pre-existing medical condition.

You and your group’s age

Most insurers will not offer group travel insurance, particularly a multi-trip policy, for travellers over 75 or 80 years old. Therefore, if you or anybody in your group is over the age of 75 – 80, it is best that you find individual coverage for them.

Covid-19 Insurance

Most travel insurance policy excludes cover for pandemics, meaning it will not cover losses due to the coronavirus or cover for the medical expenses if you contracted Covid-19 during your trip. Due to these reasons, combining travel insurance with Covid-19 insurance is necessary for many travellers.

Suppose you are diagnosed with Covid-19 during your trip, all the medical and necessary expenses will be covered. It is also a requirement for tourists who want to travel to Thailand. The Thai government requires visitors to have Covid-19 insurance covering a minimum of $100,000 or ฿3.5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions About Group Travel Insurance

In order to be eligible for group travel insurance, you must meet the following requirements:
Travel with a group of 5 or more travellers. Note that some insurers have a minimum of 10 people in the group.
All travellers have to visit the same destination.
All travellers have to have similar travel dates.

Yes, you can purchase group business travel insurance for employees travelling on domestic or international business trips in groups of five or more.

Most single-trip travel insurance doesn’t have upper age limits. Some insurers may provide cover for anyone over 80 subject to medical screening and destination of choice.

The best time to buy group travel insurance is within 15 days of your first booking (whether it is flights or accommodation). Buying early often qualify for bonus coverage.

The exclusion varies from one insurer to another. It also depends on the specific policy you choose. Most group travel insurance may exclude thefts that aren’t reported to the police within 24 hours, medical problems resulting from intoxication, and certain sports. If anyone is catching a separate flight or is travelling from another country, group travel insurance may not cover you as well.

Group travel insurance is for anyone travelling together in a group together. Here are some examples of types of travellers who might consider getting group travel insurance:

Employees travelling on a business trip.
Groups of friends and family holidaying together.
Students travelling for a class trip.
Members of a wedding party travelling together.

No, anyone under the age of 18 has to travel with the named adult(s) on the policy.

This depends on the specific policy you choose. For single trip policies, your cover will end the day you return home. For annual policy, expect your cover to expire a full year later.

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