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Why the Thaiger?

Comparing and selecting a travel insurance package can be confusing, but the Thaiger makes it simple and smooth. We’ll help you create a customised insurance package, whether you’re flying close to home or halfway around the world. Through us, you’ll discover the next level of travel insurance. Allow us to take care of all the processes while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip.

What is Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance is a type of travel insurance that protects you for one trip. A single or one trip travel insurance is more cost-effective than other types of travel insurance. It is ideal if you don’t plan to travel more than once or twice a year, such as for a one-time vacation, a single business trip, or a cruise trip.

Single trip travel insurance covers you for a trip over a specified time period. There is typically no age limit to this type of travel insurance, making it a good choice for those over the age of 60 years old. It offers a wide range of coverage, including 50 sports and activities, including unexpected medical bills even you have a medical condition, cancellation, and baggage loss.

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Why Should You Buy Single Trip Travel Insurance?

Looking for coverage for your next holiday trip? We have listed 4 main reasons why you should get Single trip Travel Insurance below. Please feel free to contact us or inquire with us to let us support you for your next trip.

Unexpected Costs Protection

Many things could go wrong during a trip. Dealing with unwanted circumstances causes you to lose a lot of money. Travel insurance will deal with these costs for you.

Lots of Coverage Options

Single trip travel insurance provides you with a number of coverages to ensure that you have a safe and worry-free trip. On top of that, you can choose to have additional coverage to your policy to further protect yourself during your trip.

Peace of Mind

Adventures could be risky, but don’t stop yourself from exploring new experiences. Enjoy your adventure to the fullest with peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered with single-trip travel insurance.

Avoid Medical Evacuation Bills

Emergency evacuations could be costly, but with travel insurance, medical evacuation will be covered.

What Coverages Do Single trip Travel Insurance Offer?

Going on a trip is always exciting, but unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. Whether you’re planning to have a relaxing holiday or you have extreme activities lined up, you’ll be completely covered for any unfortunate events that might arise during your vacation with single trip travel insurance. Here are some of the coverages that single trip travel insurance provide:

Medical Cost

Whether you got injured or fell ill during your trip, single-trip travel insurance will cover you for the medical costs. This means that even when you’re away from home, you can always have access to the best healthcare.

Emergency Repatriation

Unforeseen crises happen more often than you would expect. Single trip Travel Insurance will provide you with assistance 24 hours a day, no matter where are. Should you are hurt or injured, this coverage will pay for your ambulance or other means to adequate medical facilities. If there’s no medical facilities around the area that can provide treatment for you, you will be evacuated to medical facilities in another country. This coverage also help transport you back home to your home to receive medical support.

Flight and Trip Cancellation or Delay

If your flight is canceled or delayed, you will be compensated for the costs. Flight cancellations and delays are not only frustrating but also costly. Single trip Travel Insurance can reimburse you for additional meals, accommodation, and other travel expenses due to a covered departure delay. It can also pay you back for money you have already spent on your vacation if you have to cancel for covered reasons.

Baggage and belongings loss

Your holiday will be ruined if you lose your belongings or luggage, but Single trip Travel Insurance can save the day. If your luggage is delayed, it will reimburse you for reasonable additional purchases of essential items, and if your baggage is lost, it will refund you for the whole cost.

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Customer Reviews


It is critical to have travel insurance, and I believe that this company is the best option because it offers a variety of policy for each type of trip.

Nina S.


Had an extremely helpful telephone conversation with a representative, she answered all my question perfectly and should be commended for her hard work. Awesome additional to Thaiger website.

Carter Dellono


It was extremely difficult to search through all of the policies in Thailand that meets my requiremnts. So It was necessary to call for assistance, which was excellent. Thank yo the thaiger for a good customer support.

Jonathan Inzu


Easy to understand and apply for the service, will be waiting on a callback from a rep, to receive my single trip insurance. Well done and Good job!

Simon Eztomo


The procedure was simple and painless. We had to make a last-minute change to our itinerary, which was handled quickly and efficiently. I can’t speak for the claim process because we don’t have to file any claims to file.

Cooper M.


I felt secure with travel insurance knowing that I was protected in the event that something unexpected occurred.

Qing lin Min

Types of Single Trip Travel Insurance

There are two main types of single trip travel insurance. These types of single trip travel insurance could be customised to your individual preferences, depending on who you travel with and where you travel in the world. Keep in mind that each policy is different, so read the details before making a final decision.

International Single-Trip Travel insurance is made for anyone who wants to travel overseas. It is a comprehensive insurance policy that includes more than just death and disability as well as treatment expenses for injury and illness. Emergency evacuation, corpse relocation, loss of personal belongings, trip cancellation and delays are also included in this form of travel insurance. It covers you for a set period of time,

Key Points:

  • For a single trip outside of Thailand.
  • Covers you for a set duration.
  • Has a pay-per-use concept, meaning you only spend on what is necessary.

Single trip domestic travel insurance protects you against any unwanted situations when you’re travelling inside of Thailand. Most people think that they don’t need travel insurance when traveling within the country. But the truth is, accidents happens anywhere no matter how close or far you are from home. Single trip domestic travel insurance covers everything from trip cancellation to medical evacuations.

Key Points:

  • Specifically made for trips inside Thailand.
  • Covers you for a set period of time.
  • Affordable, easy, and flexible.

Don’t let anything stop you from exploring new experiences with Single Trip Travel Insurance

The Thaiger has given a thorough description of what plans are best suited for me and what they cover. They were very fast and efficient. I had a wonderful vacation, knowing that I was covered by single trip insurance. Thank you the Thaiger.

Top tip: Get coverage which suits your activites in your vacation, allow yourself enjoy the trip without having to worry about a thing.

Why get Single Trip Travel Insurance with the Thaiger?

If you need single trip insurance for your vacation, the Thaiger will help you find the best insurance to protect you against any unwanted situations. We do all of the analysis and comparison for you, saving you time, effort, and money. The Thaiger and our partners understand that everyone is different, so we work with you to learn about your needs and plans so that we can recommend the best ways to keep you safe on your journey.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Single Trip Travel Insurance with The Thaiger

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What to Consider Before Purchasing Single-Trip Travel Insurance

When purchasing single-trip travel insurance, it’s important to remember the following things:


Single-trip travel insurance only protects you for one vacation at a time, but if you’re going to multiple places, make sure they’re all covered.

Medical conditions

Make sure you inform about your pre-existing medical conditions ahead of time. Otherwise, your insurer may not reimburse the expenses of medical care for anything you haven’t reported.


Most single-trip travel insurance plans have a maximum duration of stay, so search ahead of time to see if you need coverage for a longer stay.

Legal coverage

Taking out legal fee insurance, as well as criminal injury insurance, to ensure you’re safe in the event of an accident that wasn’t your own.

Disruption and cancellation

You may be protected if your insurance will be able to compensate you for alternative methods. If you need to cancel your trip or your travel and accommodation arrangements are affected.

Covid-19 Insurance

Most travel insurance policy excludes cover for pandemics, meaning it will not cover losses due to the coronavirus or cover for the medical expenses if you contracted Covid-19 during your trip. Due to these reasons, combining travel insurance with Covid-19 insurance is necessary for many travellers.

Suppose you are diagnosed with Covid-19 during your trip, all the medical and necessary expenses will be covered. It is also a requirement for tourists who want to travel to Thailand. The Thai government requires visitors to have Covid-19 insurance covering a minimum of $100,000 or ฿3.5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions About Single Trip Travel Insurance

You must cancel your travel for all of the reasons specified in your policy to be eligible for trip cancellation compensation. Qualified reasons can be limited to weather, family emergencies, or illnesses, depending on your policy, while others allow you to cancel your trip for any reason.

The policy’s coverage will end either when the insured return or when the policy expires depending on which occurs first.

Yes, absolutely. If the Insured informs the condition before getting the insurance.

Yes, but he must notify the insurer before the policy’s start date.

Yes, but you must send your request at least one day prior to the premium date. The value of the premium refund would be reduced by the expense of stamps and duties. Insureds must apply one cancellation form, a copy of their ID or passport with the signature, and a copy of their bank account.

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