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    Disabled man falls from wheelchair on uneven EEC project road, sparks outrage

    A disabled man selling lottery tickets was spotted tumbling from his wheelchair onto the road due to an uneven surface. The incident, captured on CCTV, sparked outrage on social media. The man was attempting to navigate the bumpy road in an area earmarked for the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project, specifically designed to be accessible for disabled people. The incident…

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    Design disability disaster: Thailand’s online critique on wheelchair walkway accessibility

    The online community in Thailand is buzzing with criticism, following the sharing of a photo depicting a poorly designed walkway for people with disabilities. The image shows a sign for a wheelchair-accessible route set in the middle of a narrow, uneven pavement, blocked by an electricity pole. Frustratingly, the location has not been named. Online users are urging local authorities…

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    Faulty suitcase wheel may have triggered Don Mueang Airport accident

    A malfunctioning suitcase wheel is potentially behind an unfortunate incident that took place at Don Mueang International Airport’s moving walkways, causing a woman to lose part of her left leg, according to the Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT). An advisor to the EIT’s mechanical engineering committee, Boonpong Kijwatanachai, recently provided an update about the ongoing investigation into the travellator system…