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    3-day old unwashed face towels could be as germ-laden as lavatory, warns doctor

    Unclean face towels are a breeding ground for severe bacteria and within just three days can become as polluted as a lavatory, one doctor warns. This is not directly apparent to the naked eye, nor is it benign. The predicament facing face towel users was highlighted by Huang Xuan, a Chinese doctor specialising in the care of critically ill patients.…

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    Woman boards Hong Kong Uber in towel, changes while driver watches

    A video of a female passenger in a Hong Kong Uber car has gone viral, sparking debate on whether the incident is staged. The woman, seen initially wearing only a towel, changes her clothes in the car and seemingly irritates the driver, resulting in several exchanges of words. The clip’s duration is approximately five minutes and 52 seconds, showing the…