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    Asia Hospital: Where expertise meets transformation through cosmetic surgery

    If you want to rebuild your confidence with a cosmetic enhancement, correction, or other procedure, then Asia Hospital is for you. Located a little outside of Bangkok in Nonthaburi, the hospital offers high-quality plastic surgery at an affordable price. One of the most sought-after procedures at Asia Hospital is a facelift, a cosmetic surgery to eliminate visual signs of ageing…

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    Thai woman mistaken for foreigner and charged 100,000 baht more by hospital

    A Thai woman asked a hospital located in the Pak Kret district of Nonthaburi province, near Bangkok, to explain a 250,000 baht bill related to her four-day medical treatment. The hospital later returned 100,000 baht, acknowledging it had mistaken her for a foreigner. The woman in question was 66 year old Jamlong Ninlakorn, the owner of a Thai restaurant in…