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    The evolution and significance of Thai literature

    Delve into the rich tapestry of Thai literature, a realm where compelling narratives meet cultural nuance. From the screenplays that have dominated TV screens to the novels that have captivated readers, Thai literature has an undeniable charm. One such luminary in this field is Chaoom Panjapan, a multi-talented personality with a legacy in screenwriting, book editing, and songwriting. The development…

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    Unveiling 5 best libraries in Bangkok

    A wealth of information can be found in Bangkok’s renowned libraries, which provide an escape for book lovers, researchers, and those seeking intellectual enlightenment. Bangkok’s libraries guarantee an educational experience that will captivate you, whether you’re looking for refuge inside the pages of invaluable work or want to immerse yourself in the buzzing world of modern ideas. So here are…

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    Thailand’s Grade 5 textbook sparks outcry over alleged malnutrition endorsement

    Critics have misinterpreted the content of a Thai-language textbook for Grade 5 pupils, following allegations that it appeared to condone malnutrition among young children, according to the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC). OBEC’s secretary-general, Amporn Pinasa, asserted that the criticised chapter, found in the Pasa Patee textbook used by fifth-graders, is actually a story about appreciating the value…