• Thailand

    But it was my idea! Thai producer loses battle for Ultraman superhero copyright

    A Thai producer says he came up with the superhero “Ultraman,” but he recently lost a battle with a Japanese special effects studio over the copyright. The Thailand Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the owner of the Thai Chaiyo Productions Company Limited who tried to claim copyright for the superhero films which date back to the 1960s. Owner of the…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    ‘Smart helmets’ for Chinese epidemic prevention officers

    As China shows signs of recovering from its initial Coronavirus outbreak, epidemic prevention and control officers (yeah that’s a thing now) have been equipped with futuristic “smart helmets” that can detect potential patients without officers needing to get too close. It’s a new AI approach to tracking and prevention. The smart helmet is a product developed by Kuang-chi whose company…