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    Fossil discovery: Ugandan scientists unearth 20 million year old anthracothere fossil, sparking debates

    An extraordinary fossil discovery has been reported by a team of Ugandan scientists who’ve unearthed a large femur bone fossil. With an estimated age of approximately 19 to 20 million years, the bone is believed to belong to an anthracothere, an animal akin to a hippopotamus but significantly larger in height and length. The fascinating fossil discovery came from the…

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    Future luminaries unite: Hong Kong Laureate Forum to showcase Shaw Prize scientists

    The prestigious Hong Kong Laureate Forum has been pencilled in later this year bringing together over 20 Shaw Prize scientists and approximately 200 young scientists from 30 countries, including Thailand. The event, scheduled for November 13-18, is designed as a global scientific exchange and networking opportunity to cultivate future leaders in science, as stated by the Hong Kong Laureate Forum…