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    Late-night clash: Move Forward Party MP’s apology after Ekkamai eatery dispute

    A heated dispute during the early hours of August 4 at an Ekkamai eatery in Bangkok led a prominent Move Forward Party (MFP) MP to publically clarify events and issue an apology. Chorayuth Chaturapornprasith took to Facebook to share his account of events and refute online allegations suggesting he initiated the brawl at the Ekkamai eatery, one of the prime…

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    5 restaurants in Ekkamai you shouldn’t miss

    Ekkamai is the sparkling gem of Bangkok’s eastern side that never ceases to amaze both locals and visitors alike. With its enchanting fusion of cultures and characterful food finds, Ekkamai is undoubtedly a dream come true for every foodie who dares to explore its vibrant landscape. Picture yourself strolling down bustling streets, surrounded by the heady aroma of delectable dishes,…