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    Laughing gas balloons burst bubble: Police bar raid in Chiang Mai

    In a late-night operation in the Mueang district of Chiang Mai, police and officials carried out a raid on beer bars located near a boxing stadium on Loi Kroh Road. The establishments were alleged to be selling balloons filled with laughing gas to patrons and tourists. The raid, which involved about 100 police officers and consumer protection officials, resulted in…

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    Laughing chickens bring joy and profit to Thai farm with their quirky crowing

    Unique laughing chickens in Trang are gaining popularity among farmers who are speedily breeding the novel birds for sale, creating an extra source of income. With a sound that resembles human laughter, the amusing birds are brightening people’s days and attracting eager customers. It was reported today that Kritiwit Eiadnun, also known as Goong Kuanhan, a 50 year old hospital…