Julian Assange

  • Thailand News

    British court’s ruling on Julian Assange extradition is life-threatening

    Stella Assange, the wife of Julian Assange, vehemently condemned the British court’s decision to approve her husband’s extradition to the United States, describing it as “an attack on Julian’s life.” Alongside Amnesty International and a number of human rights activists, she criticised the judgement made by the British court, yesterday, March 26. The court announced that it would seek assurances…

  • Expats

    From war heroes to war zeros: The unjust treatment of Julian Assange

    We live in a world where war criminals are celebrated, worshipped, and praised while those who hold them to account are vilified, abused and thrown in prison, as in the case of Julian Assange. We live in a world where George Bush and Tony Blair can lead the United States, United Kingdom, and allies into an illegal war in Iraq…