Investment Fraud

  • Thailand News

    Car workshop owner accused of 10 million baht investment fraud

    A renowned car workshop owner has been accused of defrauding investors of over 10 million baht by luring them into various investment schemes. The victims claim the owner led a luxurious lifestyle while they faced significant financial losses. At 10.30am today, July 4, a group of 15 victims, accompanied by lawyer Natthakorn Sutchaa, met with the Deputy Investigation Inspector at…

  • Retire in Thailand

    Scams that can ruin your retirement plan in Thailand

    The process of retirement planning, particularly when considering a unique location such as Thailand, demands a careful and knowledgeable strategy. In manoeuvring through this complex procedure, it is crucial to remain aware of potential hindrances that could adversely affect the peace of your retirement years. Ranging from understanding the intricacies regarding taxation on lump-sum retirement funds to discerning potential misinformation…