• Thailand News

    Teen almost loses penis after being forced to get beeswax injection

    A 15 year old Thai boy almost lost his penis after his school friends forced him to have a beeswax injection and recorded a video of the procedure to blackmail him. The victim’s mother claimed the incident happened at her son’s school in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat on August 1 but the case has not progressed because…

  • Eastern Thailand News

    Pregnant woman and unborn child die after receiving 4 injections at Rayong hospital

    A distraught husband and his mother have appealed for justice after his seven-month pregnant wife and unborn child died following treatment at a hospital in Rayong province. The patient was given four injections administered over 48 hours before experiencing symptoms of pulmonary edema, leading to the tragic loss of both lives. The 42 year old husband recounted how his 37…