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    Thailand’s new tax twist: Overseas earners spending 180 days face income tax

    Thailand’s tax policy, as declared by the Revenue Department, recently stipulated that an individual spending up to 180 days a year in the country and earning income from overseas will be liable for personal income tax. This decision, governed by Section 48 of the Revenue Code, is expected to primarily influence three groups: individuals involved in foreign stock market trading…

  • Retire in Thailand

    Do you need to pay income taxes when retiring in Thailand?

    If your calendar is bursting with dreams of idyllic sunset beach strolls and idling away your days in a hammock, chances are you’re contemplating retirement in Thailand. With its affordable living cost, warm climate, and fabulous food, it’s no wonder you’d choose to spend the golden years under the shade of a tropical palm, enjoying cold coconut water. But let’s…