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    Entertainment guard gunned down at traffic light in Pattaya

    An entertainment guard was shot multiple times while waiting at a traffic light at the intersection at Na Kluea sub-district, North Pattaya, at 6.16am yesterday. The 39 year old guard, Panya Khayanngan, succumbed to his wounds despite a swift rush to the hospital. The crime scene painted a gruesome picture, with Panya’s overturned motorcycle and his body riddled with bullet…

  • Thailand News

    Golden guardian’s treasure trove: Thai security guard’s wealth unveiled as frugality shines

    A Thai security guard found bedecked in gold jewellery, including a thick gold chain, ring, and gold wristwatch, revealed the secret of his wealth to a local TikToker – frugality. The TikToker, @artpapearn, today shared with his followers that the guard says he never spends his salary, collects old items to sell or gives out alms coins, and never touches…

  • Crime News

    Russian tourist attacked by foreigners, not bouncers, in Pattaya bar brawl

    In Pattaya, recent developments show a different story about an altercation involving a Russian tourist at a Walking Street go-go bar. Instead of being attacked by the bar’s security personnel, it was discovered that two foreign men initiated the fight, while the venue’s bouncers attempted to control the situation. A CCTV recording from the go-go bar revealed that an unidentified…