• Thailand News

    Bazaar Hotel Bangkok fined 1.3m baht over controversial sculpture

    Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchadaphisek Co, operating the Bazaar Hotel Bangkok, has been slapped with a fine of 1.3 million baht. The penalty comes after the company allowed for the installation of a gargoyle-like sculpture, known as Khru Kai Kaew, on its rented premises. The half-god, half-demon figure sparked controversy due to its frightening appearance leading to numerous complaints from…

  • Central Thailand News

    Miracle cosmetics offering: Woman wins lottery after praying to legendary goddess

    A significant number of tourists have been visiting Bosot Prawat Pho temple and the shrine of the goddess Monthatip in Thailand’s central Samut Songkhram province, to seek luck and prosperity in their lives and businesses. Among them, Wassana Baisamut, a 49 year old restaurant owner, attributes her fortunate lottery win and booming business to offerings made to Monthatip, drawing further…