• Business News

    UFC Gym eager to re-enter Singapore market after sudden closure of franchise

    UFC Gym has expressed its keen interest in returning to the Singapore market and is committed to offering support to customers affected by the unexpected closure of its franchise in the country, according to CEO Adam Sedlack. He highlighted that Singapore continues to be an attractive market for the UFC Gym brand and their unique training approach. Members of UFC…

  • Phuket News

    Phuket Island: A Destination for Fitness, Health, and Wellness

    Phuket island in southern Thailand is quickly becoming one of the world’s top destinations for fitness, health, and wellness. Athletes from around the globe are flocking to this tropical paradise to take advantage of its world-class training facilities, stunning natural landscapes, and warm climate. The Thaiger team recently had the opportunity to explore some of the top fitness, health, and…

  • Thailand News

    The Importance of Wellness ft. Niels Steeman | Thaiger Podcast Ep.24

    Click the link to watch the video: Niels Steeman. Health, Fitness & Life Coach. A former senior executive in the travel and tourist industry turned health and wellness expert. Throughout his transformative journey he has gained an extensive amount of knowledge that has led into providing sustainable success stories for many of his clients using The Thrive Approach. A…

  • Press Room

    The Asia Fitness Conference 2022: A must-attend event for fitness enthusiasts and professionals

    Press Release Fitness Innovations (Thailand) Ltd. (FIT®), the organizer of the Asia Fitness Conference (AFC), announced today that the “Asia Fitness Conference 2022” is set to return to Thailand after a three-year hiatus brought on by the pandemic. We will return to the face-to-face event to educate and inspire fitness professionals and enthusiasts from around the region for the most…

  • Northern Thailand

    Should monks be fit? Pics of monks in gym stir online anger

    Some buff Buddhist monks doing reps in robes have gone viral as images of them working out in a gym caused an uproar on the Internet. The photos were posted yesterday on the Buddhist News Facebook page by a man who refers to himself as an abbott and claimed he invited residents of his temple to get some exercise. “I…

  • Guides

    Why you should visit a wellness retreat in Thailand

    Dreaming of a holiday where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and rejuvenate your mind and body? If yes, then going on a wellness retreat in Thailand might be the answer for you! While a vacation away from your daily routine and a change of scenery might sound ideal, a retreat would be even better, especially if you…

  • Thailand News

    Drug abuse in Bodybuilding in Thailand | The Dark Side of Fitness

    Fitness craze is real. Body builders from around the world love to travel to Thailand to work out. Sometimes, to abuse the easy access drugs with no repercussions in Thailand. In this episode Jay sits with fitness expert Walter Veale to learn more about the drug abuse in the fitness world in Thailand.

  • Travel

    City Guide: Top gyms in Bangkok to achieve your fitness goals for 2022

    Bangkok’s workout craze has been gaining momentum in recent years. In light of the pandemic, people are more aware of their health and concerned about their fitness than ever before. Now Bangkok is so full of gyms, you might think it’s always been that way. These days you can find one in nearly every shopping centre. But if you’re new…

  • Tourism News

    Is THIS the cheapest five star hotel in the world? Right here in Bangkok | VIDEO

    Is THIS the cheapest five star hotel in the world? We think it is! It certainly passes all the legal expectations of a 5-star property and it’s smack bang in the middle of a touristy area of Bangkok. It’s ‘of an era’ and it’s easy to imagine this older style Bangkok hotel in its heyday, probably in the late 80s.…

  • Bangkok News

    Bangkok running enthusiasts enjoy new pop-up track at Central World

    As Bangkok residents enjoy the freedom of Covid restrictions being lifted, the city’s Central World mall has unveiled a pop-up running track to help people get back in shape after lockdown. The mall’s managment team has installed a 500 metre track, which is open to the city’s runners every evening from 5 pm to 8 pm, until July 22. The…

  • Việt Nam

    Ứng dụng phòng tập WeFit phá sản

    Sáng hôm qua, WeFit – một trong những thương hiệu hàng đầu trong ngành Fitness tại Việt Nam – bất ngờ tuyên bố dừng hoạt động tất cả các sản phẩm, bao gồm WeFit/WeFit Point/WeFit Pago/WeJoy khiến không ít khách hàng ngỡ ngàng. Cụ thể, WeWow gửi thông báo đến các khách hàng, cho biết công ty không còn khả năng…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Sitting down is the new smoking – exercise in a Covid-19 world

    Now the world is in lock down because of the Coronavirus I bet you will be spending most of your time sitting down watching TV or working on the computer, only to then later sit down some more and watch some more TV… or like me just playing computer games all day. But I bet you didn’t know that sitting…

  • Transport

    FAIL! One in seven public transport vehicles didn’t pass safety tests

    One in seven public transport vehicles failed safety checks in the first week of a new program Vehicles failed the tests mostly because of a low-quality brake systems and excessive black smoke emissions In better news, only three of 10,236 drivers failed the exam About one in seven public Thai transport vehicles have failed safety checks in the first week…