edible insects

  • Thailand News

    Bugged out: Chiang Mai traveller’s rose petal bath hit by insect invasion

    A traveller’s recent trip to Chiang Mai took an unexpected turn when a planned relaxing bath turned into an encounter with a swarm of insects. The traveller chose a picturesque accommodation with a bathtub on the balcony, offering stunning mountain views during the day. However, as night fell, the situation drastically changed. Dhiwa Bhochawatt’s post on Facebook detailed the surprising…

  • Food

    Thailand’s shift to sustainable protein through edible insects

    In Thailand, the fascination with edible insects extends beyond simple curiosity; it embodies a seamless integration of tradition, innovation, and sustainability. The country’s markets and dining establishments showcase a wide variety of insects including bamboo caterpillars, crickets, and ant eggs, appealing to both culinary adventurers and proponents of sustainable food sources. This culinary endeavour presents a compelling investigation into alternative…