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  • Thailand News

    Construction chaos in Pattaya causes college walls to crumble

    Dusit Thani College finds itself on shaky ground as a drainage project on Sukhumvit Road wreaks havoc on its walls. The Soi Phothisan to Khlong Naklua Phase 2 project, meant to improve the drainage system, caused damage that has left students and staff in dismay. The ambitious construction venture, involving the excavation of sand mounds near the college, has taken…

  • Education

    Dusit Thani College shares ideas and knowledge on sustainability for service businesses at PHIST 2023

    Dusit Thani College, Thailand’s leading hospitality education institution under the Dusit Thani Hotel Group, has annually participated in the PHIST or Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism event, which this year was recently held at SAii Laguna Phuket Hotel. PHIST is an innovative event rallying the hotel industry and its stakeholders to discuss environmental sustainability and community benefits. It is…

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    Experience-based learning at Dusit Thani College: the key to success in hospitality

    Graduates from Dusit Thani College, the forefront of higher education in culinary arts, hotel management, and tourism of Thailand and the ASEAN region, as well as a subsidiary of a five-star global hospitality chain Dusit International, are usually complimented by their employers that despite being a fresh graduate, they possess professionalism which is the readiness to work in the real…