• Thailand News

    Tiny salmon bento box stirs big waves online, priced at 35 baht

    Social media recently buzzed with a viral photo of a bento box from Japan, showcasing a minuscule piece of salmon on a bed of rice, reminiscent of a single bite of sushi. Capturing the attention of online communities worldwide, this image from a Japanese supermarket, priced at 150 yen (approximately 35 baht), sparked a wave of comments and shares across…

  • Pattaya News

    Swing group hosts Pattaya skywalk for gender equality, boost tourism

    In a symbolic gesture, the Swing group organised an event in Pattaya to showcase support for diversity and promote gender equality. The gathering aimed not only to foster a sense of inclusivity but also to boost tourism in the region. Over the next month, several pride events are scheduled to take place, further celebrating this spirit of unity and acceptance.…