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    NASA images inspire cosmic symphony for immersive space experience

    A new seven-suite “space symphony” titled “Cosmic Cycles” has recently premiered outside Washington, showcasing stunning imagery from NASA alongside its first-ever public performance. American composer Henry Dehlinger, 56 years old, described the symphony as an immersive experience that encapsulates both visuals and sound. The inspiration for Dehlinger’s composition came from the images compiled by NASA producers into seven short films.…

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    Astronomers identify largest cosmic explosion ever observed

    A colossal cosmic explosion, now identified as the largest ever witnessed, has left astronomers puzzled and eager to conduct further research. The fireball, known as AT2021lwx, is a hundred times the size of our Solar System and initially started blazing in the distant universe over three years ago. Although not the brightest explosion ever registered, AT2021lwx is considered the largest…