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  • Business News

    Huawei cloud stack: A step towards making Thailand ASEAN’s digital hub

    Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. recently showcased its Huawei Cloud Stack technology at an event, emphasising its commitment to providing secure and reliable cloud services to local data centres serving enterprise markets. This aligns with Huawei’s mission of In Thailand, for Thailand, which underpins its efforts to help transform Thailand into a digital hub for the ASEAN region. The Huawei…

  • Crime News

    Thai fraudster nabbed for cloud storage scam targeting 3,000 victims

    A 69 year old Thai woman, known as Pattana, was arrested at a religious facility in Nakhon Ratchasima province for her alleged involvement in a Ponzi scheme at a company that deceived over 3,000 victims, causing nearly 1.3 billion baht in damages. Pattana’s son reportedly used her name in a fraudulent company that offered high returns from cloud storage investments.…