• Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    A mushroom cloud hangs over Pattaya

    There is perhaps no better motivator for children than peer pressure and the threat of public humiliation. Yesterday in Pattaya, many local schoolboys woke up to their quiet Songkran, unable to play in the traditional festivities, sporting their new home-made hairstyle meant to shame them into self isolation called the “Mushoom Cloud.” Pattaya hairdresser Prasit Laokodee masterminded the idea to…

  • Weather

    Cooler weather in north, cloud and possible rain in south

    The TMD (Thailand Meteorological Department) says that another high-pressure system originating in China is covering Thailand’s north-east and affecting weather in the South China Sea, while weak easterly winds continue to prevail across the Gulf of Thailand. The forecast is that cool to cold conditions will prevails in the mornings across the North and the Northeast. Temperatures in the North…