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    Thai woman flies to Thailand from Taiwan to stab cheating husband

    A Thai woman flew from Taiwan to Thailand to seek revenge on her cheating husband and his lover by slashing them both with a Stanley knife-type blade at a hotel in the Isaan province of Roi Et. Mueang Roi Et Police Station officers and a rescue team rushed to the hotel at 3am today, March 21, after being notified of…

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    Woman divorces after tattoo reveals husband’s affair with coworker

    A woman’s discovery of the true meaning behind her husband’s tattoo has led to the dissolution of their 19-year marriage. The unnamed woman, who posted under the r/TwoHotTakes moniker, shared her emotional story on Reddit, revealing how a tattoo led to the uncovering of an affair and her subsequent decision to divorce. Approximately 18 months ago, the woman was taken…