black friday

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    Hate tying your shoelaces? Laceez’s no-tie laces are a dream come true

    We’ve all been there before – racing against the clock, yet still having to pause and tie our shoes. And let’s not even talk about how those laces seem to come undone whenever we’re in a hurry, forcing us to re-tie them again and again or we risk tripping on them. Sure, the act of tying and re-tying our shoes…

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    Exploring Black Friday in Thailand: unveiling the best deals in 2023

    Thailand’s thriving commercial areas and bustling cities prepare for one of the greatest shopping occasions of the year, Black Friday, as the year comes to an end. Despite its origins in Western culture, this worldwide phenomenon has made its way to the Land of Smiles. Shoppers can take advantage of amazing discounts and enjoy a distinctive shopping experience. We’ll walk…

  • Business News

    Central Pattana Plc launches Black Friday 2023 #shocksales

    Black Friday 2023 #shocksales is set to be launched by Central Pattana Plc, an entity responsible for the operation of 38 malls across the country and The Esplanade. Spanning three days, the major shopping extravaganza provides shoppers with numerous promotional opportunities mirroring the Black Friday sales in the United States, a customary retail period that follows Thanksgiving and marks the…