• Food

    Thai tea tales: The history of Thai iced tea

    The journey of Thai iced tea from its humble beginnings to global acclaim is an intriguing story, showcasing the blending of cultures and the progression of culinary traditions. Known for its distinctive orange hue and sweet-spicy taste, this beverage has crossed Thailand’s boundaries, enchanting people everywhere. Whether walking through the vibrant streets of Bangkok or sitting in a cosy café…

  • Food

    Perfect ways to pair wine with Thai food

    Whether you’re savoring a hearty red curry or relishing in the zesty kick of a laarb salad, there’s a perfect wine match waiting to elevate your meal. Choosing lighter-bodied reds or wines with a touch lower alcohol content could be your golden ticket to unlocking an explosion of flavor harmony. Let’s jump into this colorful journey together and discover how…

  • Business News

    Thai finance ministry considers beverage tax restructure to boost tourism

    A proposed restructuring of the beverage tax framework is under consideration by the Finance Ministry, as revealed by the permanent finance secretary, Lavaron Sangsnit. The restructure aims to bolster tourism and domestic spending. This Friday, Lavaron plans to engage in a discussion with officials from the Customs Department and the Excise Department. The proposed measures align with Thai governmental policies…