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    COFACT debunks top 5 fake news about Covid-19 outbreak in Thailand

    The pandemic is not only spreading the virus, but also the ‘infodemic’ that has caused misleading information or “fake news”. COFACT Thailand gives a list of the top 5 fake news stories and myths, relating to the latest outbreak of Covid-19, that have been circulating among Thai netizens… “All Thai must enter lockdown” – There was a claim that this…

  • Coronavirus Thailand

    Thousands queue outside Finance Ministry for relief cheques

    People began arriving before sunrise. It was around 5am on Friday that 49 year old Bawonlak Rasameebunsrisuk from Samut Prakan, just south of Bangkok, started the queue outside the Finance Ministry. She soon gave up her spot to 71 year old Gasorn Bunin, feeling sorry for the grandmother. The Finance Ministry offices wouldn’t open until 9am. All were hoping for…

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    Day and night – Bangkok deep cleaning phase

    Deputy Bangkok Governor Sakonthi Pattiyakul, posted on his Facebook, revealing that Bangkok is in its “deep cleaning phase” and all 50 districts will be affected. Focusing on the ground and public seating, authorities will first use disinfectant sprays to spray down everything then use a wipe with at least 70% alcohol to minimise any potential Covid-19 threats. This will continue…