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Thai Pink ID Card: Process and Requirements

Get more information about procedures and requirement for getting a Thai pink ID card to make your Thailand life easier.

What is a Thai pink ID card

A Thai Pink ID Card is an identity document initially issued to stateless people or people who have alien status in Thailand’s issue by the government. Those people who live in Thailand validity for long-term, whether in case of Permanent Residency, aliens, or foreigners, should hold Thai pink ID card to identify themselves. But before they can apply to require a Thai pink ID card, they need to have a Thai ID number.

Other than identifying the person and state in Thailand. A Thai pink ID card also comes with much more benefits to the holder if you are a permanent residency or expats who settle in Thailand. Whether for residential or business purposes, the pink ID card is one of the essential things you should have along with your Thailand life.


  • The identity document initially issued to expats in Thailand.
  • Need a Thai ID number to apply.
  • An essential document and earn various benefits in Thailand.

Having a Thai ID number

Before you receive a Thai ID number to apply for the Pink ID card, first, you must register your resident in Thailand to the government. You will get a Thai house book when your registration is approved. You will get a Yellow House Registration book if you are foreigners who live and have a resident in Thailand, but you will get a Blue House Registration book if you are a permanent residency.

When you have your name present in the yellow or blue house book, you’re ready to apply for the ID card. The next step is to bring your original and copy of your house book and other required documents to the District Office to get an ID number and apply for the pink ID card.

Required documents to get a Thai pink ID card

To apply for require Thai pink ID card, you will need to submit the documents to the district officers. Bring all original and copies of required documents to submit your Thai pink ID card application. Getting a Thai pink ID card is not difficult, and these are required documents you’ll have to prepare before applying.

1.Passport and visa – copies of your passport’s relevant pages would need to hand over. You need to have a valid visa for non-immigrants.

2. Residence Certificate – You can use copies of your work permit and resident certificate from your Thai house book with a signed copy.

3.Married certificate – Additional for people who are married to Thai or Thai permanent residency.

4.Permanent residency – Additional for PR has to hand in 2 books for permanent residency.

6.Birth certificate – Additional for people who birth or have children in Thailand.

7. Work permit – Additional for people who work in a Thai company.

“The Thai pink ID card is easy to carry, plus receive benefits across Thailand

Simple procedure to get a Thai pink ID card

To apply for the pink ID card, you must go to the District Office at your local or nearest location. You should make sure all of the documents are prepared. You may also bring some more extra documents if possible to support the application. The officers may ask for additional documents to prove your information and your purpose of staying in Thailand. Another suggestion is you should have another translated set of all of your documents.

The application also required 2 Thai nationals and their ID cards to be the witness. The withness must present in person at the moment of application. Later, the officer will verify all of the documents that you submitted. When your documents are approved, the officer will call you to take a picture to put on the card and collect your fingerprints.

Finally, when all the process is done, you will get your Thai pink ID card on the same day that your application. However, you may be asked to get your card in the next few days if the officer needs to further verification your documents.

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Thai pink ID card fee

The Thai pink ID card application fee is pretty cheap if it compares to other Thai government activities. The cost is just 60 Baht for the 10 years valid card.

The card also easy to renew when it expires. You have to hand the expired card to the officer. They will take your picture for the card and collect your fingerprints again for your new ID card. The card renewal fee is just 60 Baht, as same as the application.

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