Cowardly thug charged for viciously beating girlfriend in Patong karaoke car park

A cowardly thug has been charged for a violent attack on his girlfriend at a karaoke car park in Patong in Phuket. The case came to light after the graphic CCTV footage of the beating went viral but has since been removed by the Patong Police due to the disturbing nature of the images.

The individuals involved in the incident have been identified as Warunyoo, a 30 year old Thai man, and his 40 year old girlfriend, Narisara. The attack took place just before 1am on Tuesday, April 25, outside a karaoke venue near the Patong Bay Hill Hotel.

The thuggish Warunyoo is seen in the video pointing and shouting at Narisara as he approaches her. Barely given a chance to dismount her motorbike, Narisara is struck with a full-force punch to the face. Warunyoo then continues his cowardly attack, grabbing her hair to land repeated heavy blows. Overwhelmed by his size and strength, Narisara is unable to defend herself.

Throughout the horrifying assault, Warunyoo punches her in the face 29 times with full force before stepping back and removing his shirt to reveal several large tattoos. He later returns and kicks her in the back of the head while she is unconscious on the ground.

Cowardly thug charged for viciously beating girlfriend in Patong karaoke car park | News by Thaiger
Pictures courtesy of Phuket News.

During the attack, staff from the karaoke venue can be seen approaching Warunyoo but, shockingly, not attempting to intervene, reported Phuket News.

Narisara regains consciousness about a minute later and manages to escape before Warunyoo could resume his attack. Lieutenant Colonel Pairat Jitrapirom of the Patong Police Station confirmed that Warunyoo has been charged with assault causing physical injury, following a medical report from the Patong Hospital detailing the extent of her injuries.

The case has been filed in court, and Warunyoo admitted to physical assault while currently under probation. However, Pairat stated that they are not sure when the court will deliver the sentence, and can only wait for the judicial proceedings to be completed.

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