Chon Buri locals find baby crocodile in their kitchen

Sri Racha, Thailand, Photo by Jat Sudsom/Facebook.

A croc in the kitchen! Locals in Sri Racha district of Chon Buri province were horrified to find a crocodile roaming through their kitchen this week. The house owners, who requested not to be named, say they have no idea where the crocodile came from, and that they’ve never heard of crocodiles dwelling in the local area.

The owners called rescue workers, who took about 10 minutes to catch the crocodile with their bare hands. Authorities then took the crocodile to the Pure Yiang Tai Rescue Foundation before being given to the Sri Racha Fisheries Office. The crocodile was 10 centimetres wide and nearly a metre long.

Another animal was found on a Chon Buri local’s property last month when a farmer walked in on a huge python in his chicken coop. The farmer called rescue workers to get the snake out of the coop, and they took 5 minutes to lure the snake into a sack. The farmer said one of his chickens had been missing, and he assumes the python had eaten it.

The Pattaya News reported that the farmer was “spooked” by the large reptile slithering around his property. Animal control officers said they would release the snake into an isolated forest away from people, but they wouldn’t harm it. The snake was reportedly 5 metres long, or more than 16 feet (that’s a REALLY long python). The farmer, whose name wasn’t reported, lives in the Bueng sub-district of Ban Beung.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

Pattaya News

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