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Man thought he could now sell marijuana legally. Aah, no!

The Thaiger & The Nation



Man thought he could now sell marijuana legally. Aah, no! | The Thaiger

“He thought he could sell it legally.”

A man has been arrested for advertising marijuana for sale on YouTube.

With all the news about legalising medical marijuana in Thailand, he says he believed it was now legal to sell cannabis in Thailand.

The Nation reports that, after police were alerted that a man was cashing in on cannabis on the YouTube channel, “ 168”, officers arrested 31 year old Rangsan Wisetlinthng at a house in Bueng Kan’s Muang district on the Laos border in Thailand’s north-east.

Police found 3 kilograms of dried, compressed marijuana, three bottles of marijuana powder, and 161 marijuana seeds in the house.

Rangsan, who is from Nakhon Ratchasima, said he packed and mailed marijuana to buyers when they made orders on his YouTube channel.

He claimed that he read a report that a law has been passed to allow possession of marijuana so he thought he could sell it legally.

Just yesterday, the National Legislative Assembly passed the first reading of the bill to allow use of marijuana for medical reasons. The bill has yet to be vetted and deliberated in the second and third readings.

STORY: The Nation

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North East

19 year old mother slashes three year old son’s throat in Yasothon  

The Thaiger



19 year old mother slashes three year old son’s throat in Yasothon   | The Thaiger

WARNING: This story may be shocking to some readers

PHOTO: Sanook

A 19 year old mother has used a kitchen knife to slash the throat of her three year old son in Yasothon in Thailand’s north-east.

Thairath reports that Yasothon Police were notified of the incident at the woman’s lodgings last night at 7 pm.

Police and rescue workers arrived to find blood splattered on the floor. Nearby they found a pair of kids’ shoes.

The 19 year old mother was still waiting inside the house. Slash wounds were also found around her neck (later revealed to be self-inflicted).

The body of her dead three year old son had already been removed and taken to hospital.

The mother, who was sobbing, told police she had many problems. She wanted to kill herself and her son to end all the problems.

While her son was playing, she used a kitchen knife to slash her son’s throat from behind many times. After that she used the same knife to cut her own throat in an attempt to kill herself, but the failed.

Whilst at the local police station jail the mother attempted to hang herself but was stopped by police.

Police says the mother has now been charged with murder.

SOURCE: Thairath

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Chiang Mai

Thailand will swelter through searing temperatures this summer

The Thaiger & The Nation



Thailand will swelter through searing temperatures this summer | The Thaiger

Temperatures in Thailand this summer is forecast to be 1-2 degrees Celsius warmer than last year. The announcement comes from the Thai Meteorological Department director-general Phuwiang Prakammin.

And it’s predicted to hit 42-43C in seven provinces in northern Thailand.

In Thailand summer, as a regional season, is listed as running between February 21 to mid-May.

Phuwiang says daytime temperatures in March and April will hit 40C in much of the North, Northeast, Central and Eastern regions. But he doesn’t foresee the record set on April 28, 2016, when Mae Hong Son, on the north-western border sweltered at 44.6C, being broken.

“But Mae Hong Son is one of the seven provinces forecast to reach 42-43C this year, the others being Lampang, Uttaradit, Sukhothai, Tak, Nakhon Sawan and Kanchanaburi.”

“In southern regions, the maximum temperature will be 38-39C in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Yala, Krabi, Trang and Satun, accompanied by occasional rain and waves at sea up to a metre high.”

“Rain will increase towards the end of April (the traditional start to the country’s wet season is Songkran which is on April 13 each year), and waves will be up to three metres high.”

“The weather in Pattaya in Chon Buri will match that of the South, with a maximum temperature of 35-37C in April.”

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North East

Usable water level in Khon Kaen’s main dam dangerously low

The Thaiger



Usable water level in Khon Kaen’s main dam dangerously low | The Thaiger

One of the north-east’s largest dams is running dry. And the dry season has just begun.

About a year ago, Khon Kaen irrigation officials were discharging excess water through Ubol Ratana Dam (pronounced Ubonrat) to increase reservoir capacity to ease flood problems in Thailand’s northeastern province of Khon Kaen.

Now, the same officials are urging people in the province to use water sparingly and farmers to suspend second-crop cultivation and to turn to crops which require less water.

The director of irrigation and maintenance, Songvuth Kitvoravuth, at the Nong Wai project says the rate of water entering Ubol Ratana reservoir has dropped by 25% since August 2018. There are now an estimated 700 million cubic metres left, with only 125 million cubic metres actually available for use because the balance of 575 million cubic meters must be retained for emergency and other purposes.

Officials have also been told to stop providing mobile water pumps to help irrigate farmland in order to conserve water.

The Meteorological Department says that the average temperatures in northern Thailand, including the north-eastern region, will reach about 40C this summer.

Meanwhile, the Khon Kaen provincial administration is seeking cooperation from people in the province to switch off their air conditioners every Friday from 7 pm-8 pm to save energy.


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