Thais still don’t want to travel overseas at this time

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The vast majority of the media space has been about foreigners, and Thais, wanting to return to Thailand and the rules and regulations, and efficiency, relating to the Thailand Pass. But what about Thais looking to travel outbound to other countries at the moment

According to Kangwal Holidays, most Thai are still cautious to head overseas, with Covid 19 still a major concern with increased health and safety costs, the complexity of rules to travel to various countries, and the constant changes for when they return to Thailand.

With the Songkran holiday, and more international destinations slowly reopening with fewer rules, the international market is still low compared to travel pre Covid 19, according to Charoen Wangananont, the managing director of Kangwal Holiday.

“Health and safety measures required by many countries, such as Covid tests and insurance, could cost each traveller around a 30-40% increase in expenditure compared with before the pandemic,”

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While other nations, including Thailand, are trying to lift all travel restrictions, the international market is still going to remain at only 10% of pre Covid rates, according to Charoen.

“Meanwhile, each country may abruptly change its regulations in response to the viral situation, so outbound travellers are preferring to delay trips until there are no such uncertainties.”

That situation is already being reflected in the postponed travel plans for international travellers wanting to head to Thailand, citing all the paperwork and redtape as a reason avoid Thailand at this time.

Travellers are also worried about the status of Covid 19 in their ideal travel destinations because several are still reporting large numbers of daily infections and the risks of unexpected costs remains high.

Although the Omicron variant is posing much less risk and threat to vaccinated groups, many Thais believe it’s not yet enough to jump start their travel confidence.

“Visitors are cautious about the complicated procedures if they catch the virus while on vacation.”

And they face the same potential hurdles as any other traveller when coming back to Thailand.

With a lack of demand, only a few tour businesses have resumed selling international trips for Thais.

Business recovery demands a hefty increase in investment, which most travel companies cannot manage given the pause for the past two years.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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