Man swindled out of 5 million baht by a trusted friend

A man filed a complaint with the local police department after being swindled out of 5 million baht by a friend. It was later revealed that this so-called friend of his had previously served a prison sentence for seven counts of theft and fraud.

The 39 year old victim, Trirat “Bird” Liwsiri-anan, filed a complaint at Mueang Pattalung Police Station and urged Thai media to spread his story after his friend went on the run.

Bird revealed that his friend, 30 year old Win, was a former colleague at a company in Bangkok several years ago. Win resigned and then the pair never saw each other until a chance meeting in March last year.

Win disclosed that he had just been released from jail after being arrested for attempted murder. He said he tried to kill his stepfather.

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He mentioned that he was homeless and asked Bird if he could stay with him. Win promised to help take care of Bird’s mother, who was paralyzed due to her congenital disease, in Pattalung.

Despite Win’s criminal history and violent tendencies, Bird took pity on him and believed that his outburst may have been a result of temporary anger. In a charitable act of kindness, Bird allowed Win to stay and believed it would be advantageous to have Win’s help with caring for his mother and managing the family’s shop.

Since his arrival, Win has shown great care and attention towards Bird’s mother, earning the trust and admiration of both the mother and her relatives.

But things took a sinister turn on Wednesday, February 8 when Bird found 540,000 baht disappeared from his bank account. He checked the transaction and found that the money was transferred to Win’s bank account.

Bird alleges that he and Win drank together on February 6. Win asked him to transfer money to him at 300 baht, and he did it in front of him. Bird thought Win peeked at his bank account’s password and later transferred the money when he fell asleep.

Bird said he chased Win out of the house, but his mother asked Win to stay because she loved him like another son. Bird respected his mother’s decision and let him stay.

However, Win disappeared from his home on February 15 with assets belonging to Bird and his mother, including gold and diamond necklaces, cash, and other precious assets that had been passed down through generations.

Bird added that he had recently discovered that Win was not jailed for attempted murder but for seven charges related to theft and fraud.

Channel 7 reported that Bird’s mother cried while he gave an interview with the media. She said…

“I love Win, but he deceived me. I want my assets back. They all have sentimental value. I got them from my ancestors and my husband.”

Bird has filed a complaint with the police but there has not been much progress. He wants the police officers to be more active.

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