Local health director fatally stabbed at charity concert in Loei

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Tragedy struck at a charity concert hosted by a renowned school when the director of a local health promotion hospital was fatally stabbed. The incident occurred today, April 9, when 54 year old Boonkua (surname withheld) was seen walking behind the stage to urinate in the bushes at around 4.30am, only to emerge running before collapsing.

Lieutenant Wasant Saengthotophoth, Deputy Investigator at Wangsaphung Police Station, was notified of the assault at the concert venue in Wangsaphung subdistrict, Loei province, and promptly attended the scene.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the injured Boonkue, who held the position of director at a health promotion hospital in the Dan Sai district. He suffered severe wounds to his abdomen and neck, bleeding profusely. Despite being rushed to Wangsaphung Hospital, Boonkue succumbed to his injuries shortly thereafter. A blood-stained knife was found in the vicinity, and the police launched an investigation into the crime.

The concert, featuring Mo Lam music, a traditional form of Thai folk music, had concluded when the incident took place. The director had walked towards the performers’ vehicles parked behind the stage.

Suddenly, he was seen running from the area before falling to the ground. Friends who had attended the event with him attempted first aid to no avail. The police are now actively seeking the perpetrator to bring them to justice.

The attack has shocked the local community, as such violence is rare at charitable events. The concert was intended to raise funds for the school, and the incident has cast a shadow over what was meant to be an evening of entertainment and goodwill. The investigation is ongoing, and police are calling for witnesses to come forward to aid in the apprehension of the individual responsible for this heinous crime, reported KhaoSod.

The motive behind the attack remains unclear, and the police are exploring all possible angles, including reviewing any personal disputes or conflicts that may have led to this violent act. The loss of Boonkue is a significant blow to the community, where he was respected for his dedication to public health and service. His untimely death has left colleagues, friends, and family in mourning, and a sense of urgency prevails among law enforcement to solve the case.

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