Kuwaiti rider’s downhill dash leads to street spectacle in Pattaya

Photo via Channel 7.

A Kuwaiti motorcycle rider’s recklessness turned into a dramatic scene on the streets of Pattaya, Thailand, as he lost control of his bike while speeding down a slope, resulting in an accident and injuries. The incident unfolded as the Sawang Borriboon Meaung Pattaya Rescue team was summoned to the scene after receiving a distress call from a concerned local.

Upon arrival, rescue officers discovered a gathering of approximately 30 to 40 Kuwaiti motorcycle riders, who quickly dispersed upon spotting the rescue team. Amidst the scattered group, one injured Kuwaiti man remained, left behind by his companions, nursing wounds across his body.

The injured foreigner, in visible pain, cried out for assistance as the rescuers reached him. Swiftly providing essential first aid, the team then transported him to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital for further medical attention. The rescuers reported that the Kuwaiti rider’s excessive speed on a sloping road led to a loss of control, causing the crash onto the roadside. The incident suggested the possibility of a race among the group that ended in disaster.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated occurrence. In the recent past, confrontations between Kuwaiti riders and locals due to road incidents have become a recurring theme in Pattaya.

Last week, an altercation sparked between a group of Kuwaiti riders and locals in Pattaya culminated in a Thai man seeking compensation from a Kuwaiti rider. The disagreement escalated as friends from both sides intervened, leading to a brawl.

The Kuwaiti motorcycling community’s antics continued, as they blocked a Thai rescue team attempt to transport an injured friend to a hospital, creating a stand-off that required substantial negotiation before medical aid was accepted.

Amid growing complaints about foreign riders engaging in nighttime racing and illegal substance use, the Chon Buri Provincial Police Office took action. Conducting a raid in the Pattaya area, they apprehended 10 foreign racers and seized their vehicles. However, a group of riders managed to evade capture and vented their frustration to the police, vocally expressing their anger before departing.

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