French mother demands justice for son sexually assaulted by Thai man in Koh Samui

Photo via Twitter @Princessemondi2.

A French mother is demanding justice after her seven year old son was sexually assaulted by a predatory Thai pedophile in a grocery store on Koh Samui island in Thailand. Remarkably, despite her son being the victim of a sickening sexual assault, the French mother had her passport confiscated after the suspect filed an assault charge against her. To add further insult to injury, the French Embassy refused to help and the Thai police urged her to drop the case.

The 30 year old French mother took to Twitter (@Princessemondi2) on September 29 to recount her harrowing experience. She revealed that she works as a hairdresser and had worked hard for years to bring her seven year old child on a trip to Thailand.

The French mother, named Mina, said they were enjoying the trip and everything was going well until their last day at the hotel on the island. They got up early in the morning and went to a grocery store about 10 metres from the hotel to get a coffee.

When they returned to the hotel to check out, they discovered that they had left their room key in the grocery store. The boy volunteered to get it because the shop was close to the hotel.

Unexpectedly, the boy returned to the hotel in shock and told his mother that a Thai man had sexually assaulted him in the shop. The boy explained that the man made the boy sit on his lap, touched his penis and forced him to touch the man’s penis.

After hearing about the shocking incident, the woman said she ran back to the grocery store and found the suspect Thai man naked. She demanded the man explain what he had done to her son and slapped the Thai man in the face.

Security camera failure

According to Mina, the Thai man had unplugged the shop’s security camera before committing the crime. Passersby and maids at the hotel tried to calm her down and helped her call the police. As she did not speak English, she asked a French guest at the hotel to help her explain the whole story.

The Frech mother said the Thai police urged her to drop the sexual assault case because it was complicated and would take a long time. Officers also asked her son to do a re-enactment, which affected the boy.

The Thai man filed a complaint against her for physically assaulting him, which resulted in her being fined 1,000 baht and losing her passport to the authorities. She also had to pay for the translation of legal documents, a lawyer, etc. to get justice for her son.

Mina stressed that she had sent her son back to her home country to study while she was stuck in Thailand awaiting trial.

The French mother said she wanted to return home to be with her child and family. Mina added she has financial difficulties and cannot work in Thailand. She is alone in the country and no one has helped her, including the French Embassy. She urged netizens to spread the story about her son being sexually assaulted and suggested anyone who could help her get out of this problem.

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