Big Joke cracks the case: CCTV reveals Thai police officers caught in lie after officer’s tragic death

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Following the tragic death of Police Major Siwakorn Saibua, the Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police (RTP), Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, reviewed CCTV footage from the house of the community leader, Praween Chanklai, also known as Nok, and found that police officers at the scene lied about the circumstances of the incident.

Pol. Maj. Siwakorn lost his life at a gathering at Nok’s house on Wednesday, September 6 after being shot by an employee of Nok called Thananchai Manmak. The gunman escaped arrest but was eventually killed by a police officer in a shootout. His employer, Nok, is in police custody, and further investigation into the case and Nok’s construction business are ongoing.

According to Sanook, 28 police officers attended the gathering. The number of officers raised questions about whether they let the gunman escape and allowed the suspects to destroy the evidence at the scene of the crime.

During questioning, officers denied their involvement in the crime and explained that they were unable to suppress the incident because they were unarmed.

Police managed to retrieve the CCTV camera server which Nok’s employee attempted to damage and officers successfully recovered 80% of the footage of the incident.

Big Joke revealed that CCTV footage contradicted the statements given by police officers at the party. First of all, they all carried guns but did not act to perform their regular police duties.

Big Joke divided the officers into three groups, including the officers who came to Siwakorn’s aid, officers who fled the scene and officers who stayed in the area but did not carry out their duties.

Big Joke revealed that the lying officers would be charged with providing false information to the authorities. However, the punishment for each officer would be different depending on their actions at the scene.

The 52 year old deputy commissioner added that he was not worried about the case as all the evidence was clear enough to legally punish the suspects. He said the important work for the police now was to investigate suspicions surrounding Nok’s business.

Big Joke said he and his team would have to conduct a thorough investigation into Nok’s business and whether the company had illegally secured government infrastructure projects. The authorities would also be summoned for questioning on the matter.

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