Cabinet announces 13.2 billion baht handouts, also property and tourism stimulus

The Thai Cabinet has given the go ahead to 13.2 billion baht in social welfare spending to low income-earners. The payments would go to parents with children still in school, disabled people and farmers. The same meeting also announced tax packages to boost the real estate and tourism sectors.

A spokesperson for the PM’s Office says that under the welfare card program low-income parents with children still at school will receive 500 baht for each child who is still a minor, while farmers who hold welfare cards will get 1,000 baht each.

The Cabinet also approved education and sports scholarships amounting to 15,000 baht per head.

Registered disabled people will receive an additional 200 baht per month and about five million registered low income-earners will each receive 500 baht for the months of May and June to purchase goods at Blue Flag shops. The benefits will be paid through their welfare card accounts.

The real estate sector is also getting a budget boost with first-time house or condo buyers, of properties valued less than five million baht will be allowed to deduct 100,000 baht from their taxable incomes for the year in which the transaction took place.

For tourism, taxpayers will be allowed to deduct 15,000 baht of tourism-related expenses in main cities from their taxable incomes and 20,000 baht expenses in second-tier cities.

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