Things to do around Grand Palace Bangkok: Adventure at Phra Nakhon

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If you’re looking for things to do around Grand Palace Bangkok, this list has got you covered. Explore the lively area around the Grand Palace to discover more about Thailand’s rich history. There are a variety of things to do; visit nearby museums, busy markets, charming cafes, and picturesque streets to discover new things. This lively area around the Grand Palace will captivate and inspire you, whether you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, historical knowledge, or the joy of exploration!

5 Things to do around the Grand Palace Bangkok

1. Explore the Museum Siam

Museum Siam, Things to do around Grand Palace Bangkok
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Start an amazing journey at Museum Siam and learn about what it means to be “Thai” from ancient times to the present day. Dive into a fascinating world where history meets innovation and exhibitions dazzle with cutting-edge technology and interesting mixed media. Watch in excitement as the kitchen comes to life and exciting motion graphics tell the tantalising story of Thai food. Then, get ready to be taken back in time as the virtual classroom puts you in the educational world of the past. Start a trip you’ve never been on before, one where learning becomes a fun catch for knowledge.

  • Entrance fee: Adult foreigner 100 baht / Free for those under the age of 15 and over the age of 60
  • Service hour: 10:00 – 18:00 everyday except Monday
  • Google map: Museum Siam

2. Visit the Floral Cafe at Napasorn

Floral Cafe at Napasorn, Things to do around Grand Palace Bangkok
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Discover Napasorn in Pak Klong Talad, or the flower market. Though Napasorn may resemble a typical flower shop from the outside, it surprises visitors with an extraordinary addition on the second and third floors—a nostalgic haven known as Floral Cafe at Napasorn. Enter to be enchanted by vintage-inspired decor, including earthy wooden furniture, brick walls with animal-shaped frames, glass cabinets, ceramics, and mesmerising mirrored chandeliers. A sensory wonderland of live and dried flowers fills every space. Enjoy the café’s handpicked teas, aromatic coffees, and exquisite homemade desserts with flower-infused flavours, fresh fruits, and dried accents. The Chocolate Raspberry Rose Cake, with rose petals, raspberries, and chocolate, is a must-try. Napasorn is a timeless floral paradise.

  • Recommendation: Chocolate Raspberry Rose Cake
  • Service hour: 10:00 – 22:00 everyday except Sunday
  • Google map: Floral Café at Napasorn

3. Experience the university life at Thammasat University, Tha Prachan Campus

Dome building, Thammasat Tha Prachan campus
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Thammasat University’s Tha Prachan Campus is alive with the dynamic energy of students from all over the world during the week. Enjoy the stunning view of the mighty Chao Phraya River as you chill on the terrace. You need look no further than the university canteen if you’re a wise backpacker in search of cheap eats. It’s a great place to grab something to eat and relax and it also has historical significance as the location of the tragic 6 October 1976 massacre.

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4. Roam around Wang Lang Market

Wang Lang Market, Things to do around Grand Palace Bangkok
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Wang Lang Market is a small haven bursting with an abundance of delectable delights from food stalls to cosy dining spots, and a treasure trove of clothing, shoes, bags, and everyday essentials. It’s the ideal place to refuel after a long day of exploring the Grand Palace Bangkok and its surroundings, with its seemingly endless selection of delectable street food, famous restaurants, and tempting variety of snacks, sweets, and hearty main dishes. To get to Wang Lang Market, hop on a ferry at Tha Prachan (near Thammasat University). And the best part? It’s not overpriced.

5. Discover the never-sleeping Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road Day & Night
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The ever-famous Khaosan Road is a colourful nighttime street. This busy street comes alive with food stalls and a feast of popular street food at night. Pad Thai, Kai Jeow (Thai-style omelette), and crispy fried bugs await hungry travellers. If you want to relax, Khaosan Road has many restaurants with bars or street-side bars selling refreshing and alcoholic drinks. These are ideal for tourists who prefer to observe rather than enter the places. Not only that, but this street is much more peaceful during the day. Clothing stores, restaurants, bookshops, and cute little cafes where you can relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the scenery along both sides of this lively street.

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