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Spend your alternative state quarantine in Thailand safely and comfortably.

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Why apply for Alternative State Quarantine with the Thaiger?

Since the Thai government has required any Thai national or foreigners traveling to thailand to be subjected to a mandatory quarantine facilities, Find out the list of hotels of alternative state qurantine to enjoy your 14 day confinement

What is Alternative State Quarantine?

Due to Covid-19, you currently need to go through an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) when you arrive in Thailand. ASQ is a mandatory 7-10 days quarantine for most travellers and 7 days for travellers who have been vaccinated for at least two doses at government-accredited hotels in the country at your own expense. There are various hotels, together with hospitals, that launched Alternative State Quarantine Packages. Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Defense have approved these hotels.

Having the booking confirmation to your ASQ hotel is a requirement for you to receive your Certificate of Entry (COE). This means that you need to book your ASQ hotel well in advance.

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ASQs around Thailand?

As hotel around Thailand can apply to be part of the alternative state quarantine, so far ASQ hotels have opened up in 5 provinces in Thailand.


So far there are 108 hotels that offer the ASQ in Bangkok, the hotels comes in many variety from cheap to expensive


18 hotels have been approved for ASQ in Phuket with benefits such as golf quarantine


6 hotels have been listed in Pattaya for alternative state quarantine, with benefits such as daily health monitoring services


1 hotel in Prachinburi Province has been listed for the ASQ, providing services like work from home and medical check ups


1 hotel in Buriram province has been listed for the ASQ, providing services like work from home promotions

How to Choose the Best Hotel for your Alternative State Quarantine?

There are over 100 accredited-hotels to choose from for your Alternative State Quarantine. Choose the best one that fits your needs and budget, and transform your mandatory quarantine into a blissful experience.

Identify Your Needs and Budget

The best thing about ASQ is that you can choose the hotel you want, that offers the things you need, and fit your own budget. Therefore, identifying your needs and budget can be helpful to narrow down your search and make it easier to choose the best hotel.

Dig Deep Into What’s Included in The Package

The ASQ package typically includes 3 meals a day, a private car transfer from the airport, complimentary Wi-Fi, several Covid-19 tests, and a daily health checkup. However, some hotels offer extra services in the package, such as complimentary snacks and daily laundry service. Don’t forget to check which hospital the hotel is partnering with and what medical services included in the package as well.

Know the rules

There are a set of rules provided by the Thai government, such as only married couples and families can share a room. However, each hotel may also have its own specific rules. It is best to ask questions and, if possible, get a copy of the hotel’s rules and guidelines before you book.

Research the facility

Looking at the hotel’s website or promotional picture is a start to choose a hotel for your ASQ, but remember that photos can be different from reality. Therefore, do thorough research and read reviews to ensure that you will have an enjoyable 14-day quarantine.

Keep an Eye on the Entertainment Offered

You are going to be quarantined for 14 days, so it is only natural that you need entertainment. Some hotels offer free Netflix, while others offer relaxing zones. Choose wisely and turn your quarantine into a memorable “staycation.”

Customer Ratings


45 reviews

Customer Reviews


Check out the complete list of hotels that do ASQ, I personally do not need this service as I am an expat, however, I have recommended a few to my family and friends who are thinking about coming to Thailand

Daniel D.


Excellent service, give a list of government-designated Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) and Alternative Local Quarantine (ALQ).

Ariana Horwod


Good to know what my options are.

Tristan Smith


useful information, pages are laid out very well and easy to understand, ASQ will be something that I will be using for sure in the future.

Sasha Parker


Not looking forwards to staying indoors for 14 days, are there any hotels that let you go outside?

Tomas Petersons


Quick and easy to deal with, Very happy with the deal I got from the thaiger, I just wanted to see what my options are and what are the rates, The only reason not to give the 5 stars is the fact there are some missing details like how to contact the hotels.

Cludia Soares

Interesting Alternative State Quarantine Packages

Various packages are available for an enjoyable Alternative State Quarantine, whether you enter Thailand with a Special Tourist Visa (STV) or a retirement visa. There are basic packages that all hotels offer and additional packages that each specific hotel provides.

It is entirely up to you to choose the hotel for your Alternative State Quarantine. Make sure to read the details of what the package includes. Note that the specific package depends on the particular hotel.

ASQ Package normally includes 3 meals a day, 24/7 nurse on-call service, daily health check-up, two Covid-19 tests, and complimentary Wi-Fi and private car transfer from the airport.

Hotels offering basic packages are usually cheaper, but your stay will still be enjoyable and, most of all, safe.

Key Points:

  • 3 meals per day delivered to your room.
  • Two to three Covid-19 tests.
  • Daily health check-ups.
  • Entertainment equipment, such as TV channels and complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Airport transfer to the hotel and ambulance in case you get tested positive for Covid-19

With medium range packages, you will get all the things offered in the basic package. However, the room may be more spacious, and you may get more access to entertainment and activities. For example, you may get Smart TV with streaming services, such as Netflix. You may also have access to an outdoor area so you can relax and get some fresh air. Some of the rooms may even include balconies.

In certain cases, laundry and housekeeping are included for free.

Key Points:

  • Include all the services and benefits of the basic package.
  • Bigger rooms, possibly with balconies.
  • More entertainment options, such as streaming services, games, or even gym equipment rental.

This is the most high-end package available. Aside from being provided with the basic package, you will also experience a luxurious stay. There might be a lot of entertainment and activity options, such as Playstation rental, free streaming services, as well as virtual meditation or yoga classes, to keep you relaxed and active during your stay. The rooms may also feature jacuzzis or access to a lush private garden.

In certain cases, laundry and housekeeping are included for free.

Key Points:

  • Get all the benefits and services provided in the Basic Package.
  • More entertainment and activity options, such as virtual yoga or meditation class.
  • Spacious rooms that feature high-end equipment and decorations, such as Smart TV with streaming services, Jacuzzi, and more.
  • Typically access to outdoor space or spectacular views.

Golf Quarantine is a quarantine program for people entering Thailand to exercise by playing golf. This program is restricted to golfers from low-risk countries. Like a basic ASQ package, it also includes three meals a day, a room with Wi-Fi, and several Covid-19 tests. However, you can enjoy golfing during your stay.

Key Points:

  • 3 meals a day.
  • Room with Wi-Fi, welcoming bag, cleaning service, and laundry service.
  • 3 Covid-19 tests.
  • Green fee, golf cart, and GPS tracking system.

Book your Alternative State Quarantine hotel, enter Thailand with safety and serenity.

Being cooped up in a hotel room for 2 weeks sounded like a dreadful experience to me. Turns out, it wasn’t all that bad! My Alternative State Quarantine feels like a relaxing holiday. I got a room with a balcony and lots of entertainment options, which helped make the whole thing went a lot quicker than I thought it would.

Top tip: Compare the packages and the facility the hotel offer and make sure they have everything you are looking for.

Why the Thaiger?

With over 100 hotels to choose from for your Alternative State Quarantine, it can be hard to find one that fits your budget and needs. The Thaiger has done the leg work for you. We have compared and compiled a list of recommended hotels to make it easier for you to choose the best hotel for a delightful 14-day quarantine.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve booked their Alternative State Quarantine with The Thaiger.

Recommended Insurances For Extra Security

Besides making sure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable, it is vital to protect yourself from unexpected events that may stop you from living your life to the fullest.

Covid-19 Insurance

Covid-19 Insurance is not just a requirement to enter Thailand, but also essential for a worry-free journey. Travel to Thailand with confidence from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, so you can have the best time of your life.

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Entry Package to Thailand

Obtain the official requirements, with no waiting period. Have a nice trip to Thailand without having to worry about anything.

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Health Insurance

Life is unpredictable, but it shouldn’t stop you from living your life to the fullest. Ensure your financial security should anything unfortunate happen to your health with the Thaiger Health Insurance.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Accident happens, no matter where you are. Therefore, make sure you have an extra layer of protection for any case of misfortunes, life-changing conditions like impairments, or even death.

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Top 10 Alternative State Quarantine Hotels

Recommended hotels to spend a joyful Alternative State Quarantine in a relaxing environment, based on real customer ratings and reviews.

1. Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel

Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel offers luxurious and spacious rooms (42 to 126 square meters) with stunning city views or access to their verdant garden. The rooms feature beautiful touches of Thai culture and are equipped with entertainment options. They promise to turn your quarantine into a wellness experience. Gym equipment is available for rent, so you can stay active and healthy during your stay. The hotel is partnering with Bangpakok 9 International Hospital to provide medical services.

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2. Le Méridien

If a luxury quarantine is what you are looking for, Le Méridien is one of the best hotels you can choose. They offer beautiful relaxation indoor and outdoor areas, Smart TV with local and international TV channels, high-speed internet, and over 7000 online newspapers and magazines from PressReader. A wide range of entertainment and activity options, such as virtual yoga and zoom fitness classes, are available as well. For lunch and dinner, you can choose between Thai, European, and Asian dishes. The medical services are provided by BNH Hospital.

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3. Lancaster Bangkok

Lancaster Bangkok offers guests to experience “Authentic Thai Memories” while in quarantine. Spacious rooms, a huge bed, and Bangkok city view are the main features you need for an enjoyable time. You can also enjoy streaming services like Netflix available in each room flat-screen TV or relax in the hot tub in your en suite bathroom. Thai, Western, and vegetarian menus are available. You can also access outdoor space after the 2nd negative Covid-19 test. The hotel is partnering with Piyavate Hospital for medical services.

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4. Eleven Hotel Bangkok

A comfortable hotel in the heart of Bangkok. It is an impressive option for those who want to have a luxury quarantine but don’t want to spend too much money. The rooms are modern, clean, and spacious and are equipped with Smart TV with both national and international channels. Gaming enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the hotel offer Playstation 4 (with complementary 2 PS4 compatible games) and PS4 VR Headset + Camera + Move Controllers for rent. You can also rent exercise machines, such as treadmills and exercise bikes. Eleven Hotel Bangkok is in partnership with World Medical Hospital for the medical services.

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5. Maduzi Hotel

Maduzi Hotel is a boutique hotel with Posturepedic mattresses and city views in every room. The hotel offers a lot of space, with room sizes range from 50 to 72 square meters. You can enjoy a Jacuzzi with a separate shower in the equipped en suite bathroom. The rooms have a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, DVD Player and Bose sound system. You can definitely enjoy a relaxing time in this exceptional hotel. The hotel is partnering with Samitijev Hospital.

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6. COMO Metropolitan Bangkok

COMO Metropolitan Bangkok features elegant rooms with Egyptian cotton linens, cable TV, a yoga mat, and a bathtub in every room. Bringing the COMO approach to wellness, you can make yourself at home in this hotel. They offer daily afternoon tea, as well as daily yoga and mindfulness sessions to keep you both active and relaxed during your 14-day quarantine. For the medical services, COMO Metropolitan Bangkok partners with BNH Hospital.

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7. The Sukhothai Bangkok

The Sukhothai Bangkok is a multi-award-winning, low-rise hotel situated on six acres of tropical gardens. The extra spacious rooms feature Thai silks and teakwood furnishing for a luxurious mandatory quarantine. This hotel’s settings will indeed give you a sense of tranquility and serenity, especially the rooms with open sun terraces overlooking a courtyard garden and lily pond. Daily activities, such as stretching, meditation, yoga, and music are available. The hotel partners with Bangpakok 9 Hospital.

Product - Alternative State Quarantine | News by Thaiger

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8. Grande Center Point Sukhumvit 55

Grande Centerpoint Hotel offers spectacular city views with large windows, comfortable beds, and clean facilities. The atmosphere is immaculate, and they offer numerous in-room activities, such as online fitness classes, entertainment activities, and gym equipment for rent. After a negative Covid-19 test, you may be allowed to access indoor and outdoor relaxing areas in the hotel. The hotel is partnering with Sukumvit Hospital for your medical needs.

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9. AMARA Bangkok

AMARA Bangkok is a 4-star hotel in the Central Business District. They offer 5 room types for you to choose from, which range in size from 30 square meters to 72 square meters. Unlimited high-speed internet access and digital access to magazines and newspapers from all around the globe are available to keep you entertained. The medical services are provided by Sukumvit Hospital.

Product - Alternative State Quarantine | News by Thaiger

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10. Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Bangkok

Right in the centre of Bangkok, Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Bangkok offers a comprehensive room package, including in-room facilities and specially prepared food menus. Every room is equipped with high-speed WiFi and 50 inches Smart TV with 110 channels for your entertainment. In addition, room cleaning service and laundry service are available for free. The medical service is provided by Samitijev Hospital.

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Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) and Covid-19 Insurance

Alternative State Quarantine is a requirement to keep Covid-19 out and stop it from spreading in Thailand. However, another necessity to enter the country is to have Covid-19 insurance, which will cover your medical expenses in case you are diagnosed with the virus. Covid-19 insurance may also cover other unwanted situations that may occur due to the coronavirus, such as trip cancellation. In these uncertain times, people tend to buy Covid-19 insurance to travel with peace of mind and feel more secure during and after their quarantine period.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alternative State Quarantine

The mandatory quarantine is 14 days, meaning you cannot leave the hotel during this period. However, the accommodation package is usually for 16 days and 15 nights because the day you arrive in Thailand is often considered as day 0 instead of day 1.

Your package usually includes two Covid-19 swab tests. Should either test return positive, you will be taken to the hotel’s partner hospital with special transportation. Note that while transportation to the hospital is included in the package, the medical expenses for your Covid-19 treatment is not. Therefore, it is best that you have Covid-19 Insurance.

No. You cannot quarantine in your own home at this time. It is a requirement that you undergo the quarantine in the accredited hotels.

You will get settled into your room. There will be two Covid-19 testings. The first one is between the 3rd and 5th day of your stay. If the result is negative, you will have the second round between the 11th and 13th day.

You will be allowed to travel around Thailand as you please. During your stay, make sure that you strictly follow all of the government’s guidelines and instructions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

A free airport transfer to the hotel is included in all ASQ bookings.

Only married couples and parents with children are allowed to share rooms. The hotel will ask for a copy of your marriage certificate as proof of your relationship. For children, you have to provide a birth or adoption certificate.

Unfortunately, no outside delivery is allowed. However, you can get outside food if your relative cooks it at home, delivers it, and signs a release form.

Initially, Alternative State Quarantine was only available in Bangkok. However, a list of Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ) hotels have been announced in Chonburi, Phuket, Prachiburi, Koh Samui, and Buriram.

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