Do I Need to Buy Covid-19 Insurance If I Already Have Health Insurance?

Is it necessary for me to have Covid-19 insurance, if i already have health insurance? find out below!

What is Covid-19 insurance?

If you are going to travel to Thailand in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, then you might have heard that the Thai government applied a new insurance requirement to cover Covid-19 treatment to all visitors entering the Kingdom of Thailand. This rule came into effect on March 19, 2020. If you already have health insurance in place, you might wonder if you need to get a separate Covid-19 insurance plan to meet the requirements or if you can just use your existing health insurance. We’ll answer that question below, so make sure to keep reading.

One of the safety measures the Thai government established is a new insurance requirement. All incoming foreign travellers have to provide an insurance policy covering at least $100,000 dollars or 3.5 million baht for outpatient and inpatient treatment of Covid-19 while staying in Thailand.

Key Points:

  • The Thai government have established a new insurance requirements for foreigners who want to enter the country.
  • The insurance has to state Covid-19 coverage clearly.
  • Having both insurance policies will provide you with the ideal level of security particularly during the Covid-19 period.

What Does Covid-19 Insurance Cover?

If you contract the novel coronavirus while in Thailand, Covid-19 insurance will cover the costs of isolation, quarantine, testing, and treatment, as well as the costs of repatriating your body. It will also cover the cost of any Covid-19 medications that are prescribed. The following are the 3 main features of the Covid-19 insurance:

Medical Coverage
The insurance covers you for all treatment costs associated with being infected with Covid-19 for a minimum of $100,000 dollars or 3.5 million baht, thus meeting the requirement set by the Thai government. It also covers other illnesses and injuries that occur while you are staying in Thailand.

Life Insurance Coverage
If you, unfortunately, die from a Covid-19 infection, a total of 100,000 baht will be paid to your chosen beneficiary.

Travel Protection
Some of the most comprehensive Covid-19 insurance policies cover travel cancellation, travel delay, baggage delay, loss of personal belongings, and more.

Is There Coverage for Covid-19 Protection In Regular Health Insurance?

Most standard health insurance policies do not offer protection against pandemics, which means you are likely not covered for Covid-19. However, many insurance companies offer add-ons that you can include in your health insurance plan for an extra fee. These add-ons may include inpatient hospitalisation expenses for Covid-19, road ambulance expenses, pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses, and Covid-19 related home care treatment coverage.

Covid-19 insurance policy covers the medical costs of Covid-19 as required by the Thai government for those entering Thailand.

Do I Need To Purchase a Separate Covid-19 Insurance If I Already Have Health Insurance?

It is dependent on your health insurance and coverage under Covid-19. However, you will almost certainly need to purchase a specific Covid-19 insurance plan, as many foreigners have been refused entry because they do not have the correct Covid-19 insurance policy. Documents that do not mention the “Covid-19” coverage or “Thailand” are frequently rejected by Thai embassies. As a result, you must ensure that the insurance policy specifies 3 conditions:

  • It covers $100,000 dollars or more.
  • It covers if you contract the Covid-19 virus.
  • It covers you for the entire time you’re staying in Thailand.

The Thai Embassy will not accept your entry if your existing insurance does not include the 3 conditions listed above, you will be unable to travel to Thailand. Fortunately, finding Covid-19 insurance that meets Thai government requirements and allows you to enter Thailand without difficulty is simple.

Double-check that your Thailand Covid-19 insurance covers the entire length of your visit.

How to Purchase Covid-19 Insurance?

Since Covid-19 insurance is required to be allowed entry to Thailand, you need to purchase it before you travel. You can buy your policy online. The Thaiger offers a team of professional to assist you with the purchase, so you can make sure that you have the correct Covid-19 insurance policy. Once you buy the insurance, you will receive a certificate of coverage, which you have to present to the immigration authorities when you arrive in Thailand. Make sure that the policy covers you for the whole period that you are planning to stay in Thailand.

Why Is Covid-19 Insurance a Mandatory Requirement to Enter Thailand?

Yes, it may seem like a hassle to buy a Covid-19 insurance plan for foreigners wanting to return or travel to Thailand. However, the Thai government has a good reason to implement it. One of the main reasons is that almost every standard health and travel insurance policies don’t cover the pandemic. Therefore, you won’t be covered for anything to do with Covid-19. With the additional quarantine requirements, the cost of hospital treatment, and possible repatriation, the Thai government is concerned about being lumped with a significant amount of unpaid hospital bills from foreigners who get diagnosed with Covid-19 while staying in the country. The insurance is a security for the Thai government and your self.

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