Insurance for Thailand entry (COE)

  • Looking for Covid-19 insurance or the Official Certificate of Entry (COE)? Here at the Thaiger you can easily obtained instant coverage for Covid-19 insurance, no matter what your destination is.


Alternative State Quarantine

  • Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) is a mandatory 14-day quarantine procedure at any government-approved hotels in Thailand. Choose from many packages and find the best deal for you.

Popular Covid-19 Services in Thailand.

Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)

Allow us to assist you in locating the ideal ASQ lodging and turning your mandatory quarantine into a pleasurable experience!

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Certificate of Entry

Get the Certificate of Entry (COE) for Thailand and benefit from a wide variety of reliable hospital networks with no waiting periods, including ASQ and LSQ stay quarantine. Enabling you to enter Thailand with complete confidence with the perfect insurance plan.

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Covid-19 Travel Insurance

Make sure your protected for Covid-19 with your travel insurance. Extra coverage can also be put in place, for example, choosing the duration of being insured, health and personal accidents and many more.

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Basic information about Covid-19 insurance

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has been spreading around the world, the Thai government has introduced a new insurance requirement to cover all travellers entering the Kingdom with Covid-19 insurance. Travelling anywhere during the pandemic will increases the chances of you getting Covid-19. You will also go through a variety of immigration policies, such as Certificate of Entry (COE), Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ), and Local State Quarantine (LSQ) stay quarantine.

According the Thailand Insurance Commission, Covid-19 insurance for foreigners is there to let foreigners pass through immigration and to be covered in the case of death or need medical treatment if the travellers have been diagnosis positive with Covid-19.

Explore your options and find the best plan for you with The Thaiger, here to help you get the right cover and to make your journey safer and easier.

Get your 24-hour coverage for your entire trip, flight, medical costs, property, and more.

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  • Extensive and effective hospital network coverage
  • Coverage for your entire trip with extra health and personal accident insurance.

Importance of Covid-19 insurance?

During this highly contagious pandemic, everyone is at risk of the Covid-19 virus, especially when treatment is still being developed across the world. One of the main importance of Covid-19 Insurance is that they offer coverage that protects you against any financial risks, ICU requirement for high Covid-19 treatment and emergency coverage. By having Covid-19 insurance you will not have to worry about your medical bill, personal damage, loss of life or income benefits.

FAQ Covid-19 insurance

1. Will my policy cover only Covid-19 or other diseases as well?

The policy covers medical expenses for unexpected and unintentional injuries from accidents or illnesses (including COVID-19) for your entire travels.

2. If I test positive for Covid-19 during quarantine, does my policy cover certain hospital expenses?

If you have been tested positive for Covid-19 during quarantine, the insurance will cover certain medical expenses in compliance with the terms and conditions of your policy.

3. If the embassy rejects my visa, will I get my insurance refunded?

You can cancel your policy and get fully refunded if the Embassy does not accept your visa.

4. Does Covid-19 insurance cover payments for my Covid-19 tests?

If the Covid-19 test is based on medical advice given by a practitioner based on symptoms of Covid-19 or other illness, the policy will pay the expense of the tests, regardless of the test results.

5. If I purchased my policy, how will immigration know?

When you purchase your insurance, you will receive your COVID-19 insurance policy and certification. You then have to show this to immigration when you are about to enter the country.