What Does Covid-19 Insurance Cover?

Find out what kind of coverage you’ll get if you buy Covid-19 insurance.

What Is Covid-19 Insurance?

Covid-19 insurance is a type of travel insurance specifically designed for foreigners who want to enter Thailand amid the Covid-19 pandemic. While Thailand is gradually reopening to visitors, there are numerous requirements that foreigners have to meet. In this article, we have listed the main coverages that Covid-19 insurance in Thailand has to offer.

Key Points:

  • There is no waiting time for Covid-19 insurance and coverage begins.
  • This policy has you secured with Covid-19 provisions with 3.5 million baht of coverage.
  • This policy covers the medical costs for Covid-19 treatments.

Medical Coverage

Covid-19 insurance covers medical expenses for 3.5 million baht ($100,000) while you are in Thailand, so it meets the government’s requirements. It covers all medical costs for unexpected and sudden injuries from illness and accident, including catching the coronavirus. With Covid-19 insurance, you don’t have to worry about emergency rooms costs, as well as inpatient and outpatient expenses, as the insurance will help you pay for it.

Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation to your home country and expenses to visit patients at the hospital are also covered by Covid-19 insurance.

Life Coverage

Covid-19 insurance has life insurance features. In the unfortunate event that you pass away due to Covid-19, you are covered for a total of 100,000 USD, which will be paid to your chosen beneficiaries.

As Thailand slowly reopens to international travellers, one of the most recent requirements is the mandatory Covid-19 insurance.

Travel Coverage

Covid-19 insurance is very similar to a travel insurance policy, even the most basic Covid-19 insurance plan covers unexpected out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of coronavirus infection. This could result in the loss of a travel document, trip cancellation, travel delay, baggage delay, loss or damage of baggage or personal belongings, and loss of credit card are all covered by some of the most comprehensive Covid-19 insurance plans in Thailand.

A certificate will be issued to help with CoE applications and to present to respective personnel.

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Covid-19 Insurance

Below are some things to keep in mind when buying Covid-19 Insurance to ensure that you’ll be allowed entry.

Bring the Certificate of Insurance With You
You must bring your insurance certificate with you when entering Thailand because you will be required to show it to the authorities. You will be denied entry into the country if you are unable to produce it.

Policy Duration
Make sure the policy covers the whole time you expect to stay in Thailand, or you may risk being denied entry.

Manage Your Time
This insurance is needed for entry into the country, so you’ll need to get it before you go. While most insurers offer instant coverage, make sure you don’t buy it last minute in case anything unwanted happens.

Other Documents Required To Enter Thailand

Non-Thai nationals who are allowed to enter Thailand must show the following documents at the check-in counter in their home country and at Thailand’s immigration control:

  • A valid visa or re-entry permit.
  • Certificate of Entry (COE)
  • Covid-19 Insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 dollars.
  • Covid-19-Free Health Certificate that is approved or released no more than 72 hours before departure using the RT-PCR process.
  • Confirmation of a hotel reservation for the 14-day quarantine under Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ).

Other Types of Covid-19 Insurance

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