How to Claim Covid-19 Insurance

Make sure you know what to do when filling for a Covid-19 insurance claim.

Prepare the Paperwork

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the policy documents to determine which parts, such as medical costs and regular income compensation, will be refunded, who will benefit from it, and how to assert all of the beneficial claims.

You will need to have 4 major documents ready before filing the claim, these include a completed claim form from the company, medical reports, documents that states your symptoms, diagnostic results, and medical treatment, and a copy of your ID card, as well as any other documents requested by the Company (if any), such as:

  • A medical certificate in its original form – Doctors or the insurance provider must specifically identify the infection as a Covid-19 infection. The copy will be recertified by the doctor for confirmation after notifying the hospital that it will file an insurance claim.
  • Original receipt – A medical certificate and an original receipt are also valuable documents that only require the authentic one. You must search all of the pages no matter how many there are.
  • 14-day waiting period – A waiting period is the amount of time an insured must wait before receiving some or all of their coverage. During the waiting period, the insured may not be eligible for benefits.

Key Points:

  • A compensation claim form will be provided by the insurance company.
  • Present the original receipt showing the expense list or summary sheet of expenses.
  • Prepare the needed documents and double-check the information written in the policy.

Make a Note of Your Policy Number

Look up your policy number; it will make it much easier for the insurer to find your contracts with the company. To be successful in claiming after purchasing Covid-19 insurance, you must confirm receipt of the policy.

Another significant issue is that when the staff asks for your name and family name, as well as your date of birth, you must provide accurate information. This is because it’s possible that the insurer has someone with a similar name as yours within the company. As a result, it’s critical to include these 3 pieces of data so that the workers can clearly communicate with you and get the claiming process started.

You will be eligible to file your claim after you have completed the requirements and obtained confirmation from your doctor.

Inquire With an Insurance Agent About Your Claim

Insurance companies that offer Covid coverage will ask you to fill out a claim form. It’s a one-to-three-page A4 paper document that must be filled out before the claim process can start. The insurance company will not process your claim if you do not fill out this form. Because the insurance company is unaware of the beneficiary’s identity and the amount of money they will receive.

The insurance company will only consider original and authentic documents when making a claim.

Wait for Confirmation

You can wait for cash when you are standing at the counter, however, it may take some time for the insurance company to investigate. You can also get a check in the beneficiary’s name or have your claim deposited into your bank account. It depends on the terms of each company; for example, some companies state explicitly that if they must pay more than 20,000 baht in cash, they will only send it as a check.

Tips for Getting Your Claim Accepted

    • File your claim as soon as possible: your policy may have a claim deadline, and even if you have plenty of time, it’s best to file the claim sooner than later.
    • Give your insurance company as much information as possible: the easier you make things for them, the less time they will spend processing your claim.
    • Make a list of the damage: Give evidence and explain why you’re making the claim. Make a list of everything you can about your claim – the more solid evidence you have, the faster your claim will be processed by an insurance company.
    • Document the claims process: note down the date and time of every event, even when spoken to a representative, the name of the person you spoke to and what was said. Keep any letters you’ve received, and copies of letters you send.

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