Everything You Need to Know About Alternative State Quarantine in Thailand

What will happen during your time in Thailand’s alternative state quarantine? Read more about the 14-day quarantine procedure in Thailand.

What is Alternative State Quarantine and Local State Quarantine?

Alternative State Quarantine, or ASQ, is a government-accredited hotel quarantine system that you must pay for and complete before being allowed to freely travel throughout the country. Many hotels, in collaboration with hospitals, offer Local Alternative State Quarantine Packages to non-Thai nationals returning from abroad. The hotels must be approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Defense before setting up as a ASQ.

Alternative Local State Quarantine, or ALSQ, is a term used to describe quarantine facilities outside of Bangkok, such as those in Pattaya, Phuket, Prachinburi, and Buriram. It’s similar to ASQ, but it’s tailored toward locals.

Starting from 1 April 2021, this mandatory quarantine procedure is reduced to 10 days for most travellers. However, if you’ve been vaccinated (2 doses) more than 14 days before your travelling date, you only need to spend seven days of quarantine. Make sure to present your vaccine certificate. Here is a list of vaccines approved by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand:

  • Sinovac
  • AstraZeneca/Oxford
  • Pfizer/BioNTech
  • SK BIOSCIENCE AstraZeneca/Oxford
  • Janssen – Johnson & Johnson
  • Moderna
  • Covishield (Serum Institute of India).

Key Points:

  • Everyone entering or re-entering Thailand needs to undergo Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ).
  • Alternative Local State Quarantine, or ALSQ for short, is the quarantine facilities for Thais located in cities outside of Bangkok.
  • As of April 2021, Alternative State Quarantine is reduced to 10 days for most travellers.

Who Needs to Undergo Alternative State Quarantine?

ASQ and ALSQ is required for foreigners permitted to enter Thailand, such as:

  • Non-immigrant B visa with work permit holders, including their families.
  • Diplomats, including their families.
  • Business representatives and experts invited by the Thai government.
  • Foreigners with Thai families (such as holders of Thai marriage visa).
  • Permanent Residents.
  • Medical tourists and their attendants.
  • Students and their guardians.
  • Thai Elite Visa holders.
  • Business Visa holders.
  • APEC Card holders.
  • Special Tourist Visa (STV) holders.
  • SETV tourist visa holders.
  • Non-immigrant O, OA, and OX retirement visa holders.
  • Migrant workers with official documents.

What Happens During Alternative State Quarantine?

What happens during the mandatory quarantine can be different from one person to another, and depends a lot on the hotel and the package you choose. The following is the general timeline of Alternative State Quarantine/Alternative Local State Quarantine:

You Are Picked Up From the Airport
When you arrive at Thailand’s airport, authorised personnel will perform health checks. After the health checks, you will be picked up from the airport by a special car provided by the hotel. If you are not feeling well and don’t pass the health tests, you will immediately be taken to a hospital.

Get Your First Covid-19 Test
You will have to take the first Covid-19 test on. The examination will be performed by the hospital with which your ASQ hotel has a partnership. Some hotels will conduct the test on the first day of quarantine. If your test results are negative, you will proceed and continue with the quarantine program, but if your results turn out to be positive, you will be taken and admitted to the hospital right away.

Have Your Second Covid-19 Test
Your second Covid-19 test will take place between the 7th and 10th day of the quarantine (though this may vary depending on the hotel its hospital partner).

End of your Alternative State Quarantine
The tenth day (seventh if you’re fully vaccinated) of Alternative State Quarantine is your last day of quarantine. If your Covid-19 test result is negative, you are now free to leave the hotel and enjoy Thailand!

If you’ve been vaccinated (2 doses) more than 14 days before your travelling date, you only need to spend seven days of quarantine.

What Is Included In the Alternative State Quarantine Package?

Alternative State Quarantine and Alternative Local State Quarantine packages provide accommodation for 7 to 10 days. It also includes three meals a day, free WiFi, and a private car transfer from the airport to your hotel. A nurse will be on standby 24 hours a day and your temperature and wellbeing will be tested twice a day.

Keep in mind that it does not include consultation costs with doctors and any other hospital treatments aside from the Covid-19 tests.

Some hotels offer extra service in their ASQ/ASLQ package to keep you entertained, such as private fitness class, free streaming services, gaming consoles, virtual yoga classes, and more.

Some hotels include extra services and entertaiment in their ASQ/ASLQ Packages to help make your mandatory quarantine feels like a holiday.

What Are the Rules of Alternative State Quarantine?

To keep your Alternative State Quarantine safe and stable, you must obey certain rules and regulations. This guideline will assist you in preparing for your Alternative State Quarantine.

You have to stay and remain in your hotel room
Since you’re in quarantine, you must remain in your hotel room at all times. If the results of the first Covid-19 test are positive, you should be able to leave the room and go to a designated area for around an hour. Each hotel can have a different designated area where you can have your time to relax and have some leisure time. It could be in the garden or backyard, the pool or an indoor area.

Food delivery is prohibited
Outside food delivery will not be allowed with the exception of home-cooked meals delivered to the hotel by a relative who will sign a release form. Any hotels might be able to assist you when you are craving some food or want something to be cooked for you.

Room service delivered to your room at a designated time
Your meals will be delivered to your hotel room door by the hotel staff and each meal has its own schedule. The exact mealtime varies in different hotels, but in general, breakfast is served from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., lunch is served from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., and dinner is served from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Since the food will be served in plastic bowls, it is recommended to bring your own plates and cutlery.

Rooms can only be shared by married couples and families
You are not permitted to share a room with friends or a partner. Room sharing is restricted only to married couples and parents with children. As evidence of your relationship, you must present a copy of your marriage certificate and birth certificates for your children.

Alcohol is not allowed and there is a designated area for smoking
Although some hotels can serve beer, you are not permitted to consume alcohol inside your hotel room. Smoking is generally prohibited as well but on the other hand, several hotels have smoking area upon request.

Housekeeping services are provided
Housekeeping will be provided by the hotel twice a week or once every two days. You must go to a different room or a waiting area while the hotel staff cleans your room and there will be no direct communication with you and the hotel staff.

How Much Does Alternative State Quarantine Cost?

The cost of an alternative state quarantine varies depending on the hotel you select, ranging from 28,000 baht to 220,000 baht for the mandatory quarantine and with better services, a pleasant atmosphere, and a clean and secure environment. Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any additional questions or concerns about Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ).

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