Covid-19 Insurance FAQ

Are you interested in learning more about covid-19 insurance? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (faq) about home insurance.

What is the Coverage of Medical Expenses For Covid-19?

If the Insured is diagnosed with Coronavirus disease for the first time and requires admission as an in-patient or out-patient in a Hospital to receive medical treatment, the insurance company will compensate the insured based on the actual amount paid, only up to what is specified in your policy.

Key Points:

  • Covid-19 insurance covers you for a minimum of 3.5 million baht
  • Covid-19 insurance has three components: medical coverage, life insurance coverage, and travel protection.
  • The travel health insurance plan will cover the cost of care and other medical expenses.

What Is Covered By Covid-19 Insurance?

Covid-19 insurance policy covers the costs of isolation, quarantine, surveillance and treatment as well as the costs of repatriating your body if you manage to contract the virus while in Thailand. It will also include any medications prescribed to you as a result of your virus infection. There are three main components of Covid-19 insurance:

  • Medical coverage – Covid-19 insurance covers you for illness or injury, including Covid-19, that occurs while you are staying in Thailand. It helps you pay for emergency medical expenses, as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment.
  • Life insurance coverage – If you die as a result of a Covid-19 infection while in Thailand, your beneficiary will receive a lump sum from your insurance.
  • Trip protection – Some of the most comprehensive Covid-19 insurance plans also offer protection against trip cancellation, trip curtailment, loss of baggage or personal belongings, and more.

What Is Not Covered By the Covid-19 Insurance Policy?

This policy would not protect those who were either infected or suspected of being infected with Covid-19 prior to the policy’s start date and received no medical attention. Certain professions, such as pilots and flight attendants, airport workers, and medical professionals, may also be excluded from purchasing covid-19 insurance.

Covid-19 insurance policy covers the costs of isolation, quarantine, surveillance, and treatment, as well as the costs of repatriating your body.

How Do I Make Sure That the Thai Embassy or Consulate accepts the Insurance?

You will be given an insurance certificate that you can present to the Thai embassies or consulates, your certificate will state everything required, such as the Covid-19 coverages. If your certificate is rejected, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you resolve the issue.

The policy start date should be the date you plan to arrive in Thailand since it will only be accessed once you pass through Thai immigration points.

Can I Renew my Policy?

If your policy is going to expire, you can purchase a new policy while you are in Thailand. The new start date will be immediately after your previous policy ends, so there will be no gap in coverage. It is important to ensure that the new coverage duration matches your current visa and the duration of the visa you are planning to extend, if applicable.

You should also keep in mind that the coverage will automatically expire if you travel out of Thailand unless you choose a yearly policy.

What Is the Best Way to Purchase Covid-19 Insurance to Travel to Thailand?

There are two approaches for determining whether or not a health insurance program meets the criteria for obtaining a visa to Thailand: In person at the insurance company’s office or separately through the Internet via an online service. Remember to search for Covid-19 Coverage and see if any policies are appropriate and set the minimum coverage to at least $100,000 dollars. The Thai embassies and consulates accept insurance policies bought online and then printed.

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