Thailand Elite Visa FAQ

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Thailand elite visa membership.

What is a Thai Elite Visa?

A Thai Elite Visa is for any foreigners who want to live or have to travel to Thailand multiple times, whether their purpose is for travelling, working, business, visiting family, or just want to live in Thailand for the long-term. The elite visa is the best choice of visa that allows the holder to skip the bureaucratic visa system that will come with visa conditions, paperwork, and extensions or report. It allows the holders to stay in Thailand for the long term without having to worry about a complicated visa system, depending on the package that they get.

The Thai elite visa is exactly legit. It’s run by the Thai government to offers affluent visitors, business people, developers, and ex-pats to reside in Thailand for a long period. An elite visa is also a perfect option for digital nomads and retirees who don’t want to always deal with visa run or stressed with the complicated process.

The Elite Visa members will be complimentary with various benefits, special service for airport, passport lane, visa, clubs membership, or even shopping discount that the Thai government offers to the elite members.


  • Suitable for people who travel to Thailand multiple times a year or living in Thailand for the long term.
  • Skip the bureaucratic visa system and get visa support.
  • Receive complimentary benefits from the government.

How to get a Thai Elite Visa?

You can apply for this visa anywhere. The application procedure is quite simple and straightforward, whether from inside or outside of Thailand. If you’re outside of Thailand you may have to get a visa from the Thai embassy in your country. But if you already in Thailand the visa processes will run at the immigration office.

The best suggestion to get a Thai Elite Visa application is to do it through agents. All you have to do is contact the Thai Elite Visa agents from anywhere including the Thaiger as well. The agents will ask you to send the required documents necessary for the application. The agents will take care of the whole process for you. However, you and the agent need to run an important with Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry will contact the consulate of your country to checks and provides your criminal background.

The Elite Visa application will begin after your criminal background is approved by the ministry and it requires a fee payment in full for the application. However, the process may take around 3 months or less depending on a certain case. Your membership duration will begin after you receive the letter. So, to make it easiest and fastest as you can, reach the agent, and they will support you for application and make everything easier and faster that may take less than 2 weeks. The Thaiger also provides this service for you. All you need is to give your contact information to the agents and they will contact you back shortly.

Is it possible to apply for membership while on a non-immigrant visa?

No, before a privileged entry visa can be issued, the nonimmigrant visa must be cancelled as an elite visa is categorized under a tourist visa

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Will Thai Elite Visa members be assisted in dealing with the visa system’s bureaucracy?

Yes, all the members will get supported, no matter what package memberships you are being a member. It’s once another great benefit from the elite visa that getting visa support to deal with the complicated bureaucratic system.

For the Thai elite visa, you need to hand a copy of your passport to the elite visa agent and they run the whole process for you. The visa should be done within 30 minutes on a privileged passport lane instead of stuck in the queue for at least half a day. However, you still need to provide the immigration for 90 days reporting. But don’t need to worry your elite visa provider will take care of all of the processes for you.

Please feel free to contact the agents from Thaiger, Ensure you get support for your Elite Visa and all exclusive benefits.

How long is the application process and what documents are required?

The entire application process can take anywhere from one to four months, and you’ll need a soft copy (via email) or a hard copy of your passport’s identification page with at least one year of validity, a high-resolution file of your ID card in colour, a completed application form, and proof of relationship status.

Does Thai Elite Visa offer benefits during Covid-19?

Previously, the Thai government allowed Elite Visa holders to enter Thailand, but they must comply with the government’s covid-19 safety standards and procedure policy. All Elite members who wish to visit Thailand during the Covid-19 pandemic should obtain a confirmation letter from the Thailand Elite Visa program. The Elite Visa member service centre will assist members to get a Certificate of Entry (COE) and organizing an Alternative State Quarantine.

However, the government currently sets a quota for Elite Visa members to enter Thailand. The member’s entry into Thailand may not be allowed immediately. By the way, the Thai government considering increasing the quota and it may get approved soon. It’s quite good news.

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