Thai Marriage Visa: Process and Requirements 2021

Are you looking to get a Thai Marriage Visa? Here’s everything you’ll need to know to get a Thai marriage visa in 2021.

Who is eligible for a Thai Marriage Visa application?

Anyone who has registered their marriage a Thai citizen can obtain a One-Year Extension of Stay based on marriage, also known as a Marriage Visa, in Thailand. However, in order to obtain this visa, you must first have a Non-Immigrant Visa O based on marriage or accompanying a family member.

The procedure and conditions for obtaining this form of visa are easy, but all of your documents must be authenticated and approved before applying for a Thai Marriage Visa. It is recommended that you seek legal aid when applying for this form of visa to avoid the difficulty and time-consuming process of obtaining this visa.

You can work legally in Thailand and apply for a work permit through a Thai-registered firm with this visa. You do not need to apply for a work visa, but your company must provide you with one.

Key Points

  • In order for Immigration to issue and approve a Thai marriage visa, you must first be legally married.
  • You can work legally in Thailand and apply for a work permit with marriage visa.
  • Make sure you have at least 15 days left on your visa before filing for a Marriage Visa.

How do you get a Thai marriage visa?

Before applying for a Marriage Visa, make sure you have at least 15 days remaining on your visa. The Thai Marriage Visa application process is easy. You will be allowed to apply for this visa once you have completed your marriage registration with a Thai citizen and received your Marriage Certificate from the District Office.

If you have all of the required documents like the Marriage Registration Certificate and your current visa is still valid, you can convert it to a Thai Marriage Visa. You must also have 400,000 baht deposited in a Thai bank account at least 2 months prior to the Thai Marriage Visa submission, as well as provide proof of monthly income above 40,000 baht.

You will be granted an initial visa that will be valid for 3 months, after which you can renew it for a one-year extension annually if you meet the Thai Marriage Visa requirements.

What documents are required in order to obtain a Thai marriage visa?

The process for acquiring a Thai Marriage Visa is straightforward, but you must ensure that all of your documentation are in order and that you meet the requirements of the Immigration Office. You must meet the following fundamental requirements to apply for a Thai Marriage Visa:

A valid passport that has at least 6 months remaining validity and has 2 blank pages)
Thai marriage certificate copy with both versions.
Thai wife’s/spouse ID card copy
Thai wife’s/spouse Tabian Baan (House Registration Papers) copy
Residence location map in Thailand
Photos together with your wife/spouse inside of the House, family picture and outside of the House.
Bank book copy with 400,000 THB in your account deposited at least 3 months prior to visa application or copy of your income with 40,000 THB per month in income
Bank Statement and Bank Guarantee.

If you had been married inside of Thailand, your Thai marriage certificate can be obtained from the district office in the city where you were married. However, you must have your marriage certificate translated into Thai if you were married outside of Thailand. The translated certificate must next be presented to the Department of Consular Affairs in Chaengwattana for approval and stamping.

Marriage registration with a Thai citizen isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get a Thai marriage visa.

What is the validity of a Thai marriage visa?

A Thailand Marriage Visa is valid for up to 90 days and can be used for single or multiple entries. You can only enter the nation once within those 90 days if you hold a single-entry visa. If you hold a multiple-entry visa, you can enter as many times as you like throughout the visa’s validity period.

Thai marriage visas are renewable every year but remember that you do not need to leave Thailand to renew your Thai marriage visa. It can be renewed inside the country as long as you can provide the Thai Embassy’s requirements.

You will be asked to present the documents and pass the eligibility test again if your application is renewed according to the Immigration Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand. You should have a 2-3 months valid visa and secure the 400,000 baht in your bank account prior to your Thai Marriage Visa extension to prove you are still capable of supporting your Thai Wife.

The Thai marriage visa is renewable every year and you are not required to leave Thailand in order to renew it.

Details about Thai marriage visa that you should be aware of.

After you have you have received your Thai marriage visa, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. 90 days reporting: Every 90 days, holders of any non-immigrant visa in Thailand such as the Non-Immigrant “B” Visa, Retirement Visa, Marriage Visa and so on, must report their current address to a Thai immigration office. This can be done in person at a Thai immigration office, by mail or via an official with Power of Attorney to report your status.

2. Divorce: Your Non-Immigrant O Marriage Visa will become invalid if you file for divorce and you will be forced to leave Thailand immediately. You may be able to stay in Thailand until your Thai Marriage Visa expires in certain circumstances but you must first verify with a Thai Immigration Office.

3. Re-entry permit: The Thai Immigration Office or the International Airport in Thailand will issue a re-entry permit upon your entry in case that you leave and come back to Thailand. The cost of a single re-entry permit is 1,000 Baht while a multiple-entry permit is 3,800 Baht. Make a note of the number on your immigration arrival form if you’re reentering Thailand so your visa can be reactivated.

4. Renewing: When renewing your Thai Non-Immigrant O Marriage Visa, you must have the necessary funds cleared in your Thai bank account at least three months before your renewal application.

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