Thailand Elite Visa: Elite Ultimate Privilege

Get the absolute ultimate privileges and make your time in Thailand even more memorable than you imagined.

What is Elite Ultimate Privilege Membership

The Elite Ultimate Privilege is ideal for individuals who want to upgrade their complimentary benefits and get more benefits than other elite membership options. This membership allows you to stay in Thailand for the longest time possible, up to 20 years, whether for business, travel, or residence.

The Elite Ultimate Privilege will enhance your experience in Thailand by encouraging you to take extra steps to gain access to a variety of exclusive business activities, luxury leisure activities, and other special benefits. Elite Ultimate Privilege has unquestionably given access to the best benefits for foreigners who are thinking of staying and working in Thailand. Furthermore, the Elite Ultimate Privilege members are able to get Elite Family Premium to extend the ultimate benefits for their family as well.

Key Points

  • The Elite Ultimate Privilege membership provides the most benefits and is valid for a period of 20 years.
  • Members of Ultimate Privilege can purchase Elite Family Premium for their entire family.
  • You must be over the age of 20 to obtain the Elite Ultimate Privileges.

Requirements for applying for Elite Ultimate Privilege memberships

Applicants must meet these requirements, which are far less onerous than they appear.

1. Applicants must hold a foreign passport.
2. Over the age of 20 or being “Sui Juris” under Thai law.
3. Have a clean criminal background in any country
4. Have never declared bankruptcy.
5. Not described as mentally ill.
6. Have never overstayed more than twice or on the blacklist from Thai immigration.

Special Benefits

The Elite Ultimate Privilege comes with a number of benefits that will make your life in Thailand even more exclusive. The following advantages are restricted to a certain number of uses per year.

1. Privilege entry visa which is 5 years multiple entry visa, it’s a 1-year length of stay per entry and renewable.
2. VIP transfer service for unlimited short-haul (50-80 Km) on international flights.
3. Airport services and VIP lounges.
4. Concierges and facilitation from the government.
5. Receive up to 24 complimentary green fees per year.
6. Receive up to 24 complimentary spa treatments per year.
6. Special various discount at leading department stores, shopping, or duty-free malls
7. Annual 1 times health and 2 times dental check-ups.

The Elite Ultimate Privile come with many benefits that you can share to your family and your loves one

How to get Elite Ultimate Privilege membership

You can apply it anywhere including from The Thaiger as well. All you have to do is reach the Thai Elite Visa agents, you have to send the required documents which the agent will take care of the process and work with Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry will contact the consulate of your country to checks your criminal background.

After your criminal background has been cleared and your application has been approved, the application process will begin, and you will be required to pay the application fee, after which you will receive your membership ID in a few days. Depending on the circumstances, the process could take up to 3 months. After you receive the letter, your membership will begin.

The application procedure is quite simple and straightforward. The agent will support you with the application and make everything easier and faster.

Make the entire process easier and faster by using The Thaiger.

Cost and fee for Elite Ultimate Privilege membership

The Elite Ultimate Privilege membership fee is 2 million baht, with a 20,000 baht annual fee for members. Members are allowed only one membership transfer, if the members need to transfer the membership there will be a 20% of the prevailing rate. All the mention fees are already VAT included.

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