Family package for Thailand Elite Visa

Extend the advantages of a Thai Elite Visa to your family members, and enjoy exclusive living in Thailand with a variety of options.

What is Thai Elite Visa family package?

Thai Elite Visa as know as Privilege Entry Visa is a long-term visa for foreigners who want to make Thailand their second home or stay in Thailand for a longer period. The validity duration to stay on this visa could be 5, 10, or 20 years depending on the program that you apply for. It also allows you to skip the 90-day reporting, the extension of stay, and other visa requirements that you may face and deal with as other visas, as long as the elite visa invalid duration.

It’s the perfect choice for the visa with the best match for people who travel to Thailand multiple times a year and prefer not to deal with complicated bureaucracy. Whether you’re ex-pats, retirees, or investors, Thai elite visas will offer numerous benefits such as hospital check-ups, expedited arrival and departure, hassle-free immigration, investment opportunities, and even shopping discounts. However, applicants are able to share the advantages with their family, if they apply for the Thai Elite Visa family package.

This article will provide a comprehensive introduction to the superb membership group. We’ll guide you through each Thailand Elite family package, detailing the benefits and giving a short preview for your family’s upcoming spending time in Thailand.

Key Points

  • Best suited for people who visit Thailand several times a year.
  • With no more complicated bureaucracy, you can save time with reporting or extension.
  • You are eligible for additional benefits when living in Thailand.

Thai Elite Family Program Excursions

This is a basic family package, often referred to as a couple’s package, with a 5-year validity period. To be successful in the application, at least 2 people are required. Applicants must be married, legally related, or immediate family members in order to be considered. However, you can add additional family members, such as your parents or children, at a later date for an additional membership fee with a 5-year membership validity.

Regarding the complimentary privileges for whole family valid members. There is no age limit, and this package member is unable to transfer their membership to a third party or upgrade to a higher level of membership.

Alternative Elite Family Program

This is the second elite family programme that offers membership for a longer period of time, ranging from 5 to 10 years. Only one person needs to be successful in the application. This means that the programme requires a core or main applicant, as well as additional family members who are legitimately related, legally related, or immediate family members. This programme has no age restrictions and, just like the Excursions programme, membership is not allowed to transfers or upgrades their package.

The best package isn’t the one with the most benefits; it’s the one with the benefits that are most relevant to your needs.

Premium Elite Family program

This programme includes all of the benefits of an elite visa and provides you with a membership that is valid for 20 years. One main member must be an Elite Ultimate Privilege member to be a part of the programme. It is possible to obtain this supportive package if you are a family member of one of the elite ultimate members. If your family members sign up for this package as an elite ultimate member, their validity will be limited to the same time frame as yours.

The Elite Family membership can be transferred once for a fee of 20% of the prevailing rate (Only legitimately relegated family members allowed).

Get the best privilege for your family with Thailand elite visa family packages.

The Elite Family package rates

1. The fee for the Excursions Elite family package is 800,000 baht with a minimum of 2 people. There is also a one-time fee of 300,000 baht for additional family members, there’s no annual fee required, and the fee is VAT included.

2. The Alternative Elite family package fee is 800,00 bath for the main member and 700,000 baht for each additional member, there are no annual fees required, and the fee is VAT included as same as the Excursions program.

3. Each member of the Premium Elite family package costs 1 million baths, with 10,000 annual fees required. VAT is included in the fees.

Top benefits for each programme

1. The privilege of Excursions Elite family package provides airport services and lounge, 4 times a year’s international flight for short-haul (50 to 80 Km) and 6 times for long haul transfer service (275 Km), and/or from the individual’s residence or hotel to the airport on international flights. Special shopping discount is also offered.

2. Alternative Elite Family Excursion members enjoy the same benefits as Elite Family Excursion members, but for 10 years and with language assistance in English, Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese.

3. The Premium Elite family package includes all of the benefits of an Elite Family Excursion member plus an extra ten times yearly adventure privilege (activities, one-day tours, etc. ), relaxation and spa privilege, and unlimited short-haul transfer service (long haul services are not included).

However, this article contains brief information about benefits for the members. If you need more information about benefits please check on Thailand elite visa cost, conditions, and benefits article.

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